Students urged to attend Direction of Dixie meeting Nov. 27

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Dixie is moving in the direction that points to a university, but there are still items for students to hear and discuss.

The Direction of Dixie forum will be held Nov. 27 at 5 p.m. in conference room B at the Gardner Student Center. President Stephen Nadauld, Dean of Students Del Beatty and others will discuss with attendees about the future of the institution.

Rhett Sullivan, a senior communication major from Hurricane and Dixie State College Student Association’s chief justice, has helped organize the forum.

“This meeting is for the students,” he said. “This forum is relevant to every student at the college.”

Nadauld will be the keynote speaker and will address issues related to university status: status of the name change, tuition and future meetings.

“It’s important because we are heading toward university status, and this is a huge milestone in the college’s history,” Sullivan said. “Administrators are wanting to cater to students as much as possible. The more students know, the more they will be able to help make decisions as we go to university status.”

Sullivan said Nadauld will announce when the Board of Trustee’s meeting will be held to announce the name change and university status of the institution. He also said Nadauld hopes to have 400 to 500 students who will come and celebrate those changes together.

“This is a big deal that the president is addressing us personally; it is a unique event,” Sullivan said. “It really is something students should take note of.”