Christmas break to be enjoyed diversely

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As the holiday season comes around, people have already started planning their Christmas vacations.

From going on trips to trimming trees, people have their own different traditions.

Some of the more popular and common things people like to do around this time include looking at Christmas lights, skiing on the slopes or going on a cruise. 

Some people even like to focus on the good of others during the holidays and participate in 12 days of Christmas, where someone picks a different present each day and anonymously gives it to someone or a family of his or her choice.

But some of the things Dixie State College students like to do for Christmas are more uncommon than the rest.

“I plan on pulling all-nighter Halo marathons with my cousins,” said Benjamin Fuller, a general education major from Alpine. “I am also going caroling while dressed up in Halloween costumes.”

Even if students are not staying at home, there are fun things to do everywhere.

“Me and my twin sister are going to fly to Hawaii and meet my dad there and are going to spend Christmas time in Hawaii,” said Tevita Sekeni, a freshman general education major from Salt Lake City. “And then my sister and my dad are going to fly back, and I’m going to stay for another week.”

Sekeni said he thinks the time he will be spending alone in Hawaii is a good chance for him to build faith in himself and be a responsible person.

For some people, Christmas is a time to see their families and partake of the friendly Christmas atmosphere—where you sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies. But for others, it’s a time to reunite and accomplish some crazy things.

Robert Metz, a freshman general education major from Tucson, Ariz., said every year he and his friends connect a sled to the back of his friend’s truck and pull each other around in the Arizona mud.

“We just do some wild things together when we are all back for the holidays,” he said.

Metz said his favorite part about Christmas is getting to see all of his family and eating good food. He said he doesn’t care too much about the presents anymore.

Tyler Harmon, a freshman pre-med major from Pleasant Grove, said, “My family usually drives all the way up to Temple Square to see the lights.”

He also said his mother buys the kids underwear. He said last year his were Angry Birds briefs. 

“My favorite part about Christmas is celebrating the birth of our savior,” Sekeni said.

He said it is a time to spend time with family and feel that holiday spirit.

“Holiday actually comes from two words: Holy [and] Day,” he said. “It is a really holy day in the Tongan culture, and it is very important to us.”

So no matter where students come from, the holidays can be celebrated in many different ways. If it’s Christmas or Hanukkah, the universal thing is to come together and spend time with the people you care about the most.