Awaiting warmer weather includes movies, shopping, games

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During the time between the holiday season and the warm weather of spring, students are searching for almost anything to do.

Students might think the only thing to look forward to is classes. The weather is colder than usual and it feels like there are less students hanging around outside. St. George seems to close down during the cooler winter months.

Most students are looking forward to the warmer weather that the St. George spring brings.

“[This time of the year] is boring because it’s cold but not cold enough for snow, so there is not a lot of outdoor activities to do,” Upward Bound adviser Toni Tuipulotu said. “[During this time of year] we watch television and movies and play games [for fun].”

Most students will agree there isn’t a lot to do.  Some will do nearly anything for the warmth; others will do anything for a little bit of snow to make things more exciting.

Students will definitely want to keep warm, and what better way to do so other than wrapping oneself in a blanket and watching a good movie?

“I like to go to the movies and hang out with friends,” said Randi Hulet, a freshman biology major from St. George. “Shopping is always fun. Plus, basketball is going on right now, so I watch the games.

Being around friends seems to be a student favorite, because no matter how cold or hot it is outside, there is always something a group of friends can find to do.

Barbara Tortella Balbas, a sophomore special education major from Palma De Mallorca, Spain, said this time of the year is not boring because there is so much to do. She is working for the International Student Services and is taking 19 credits.

“The important thing [I focus on] is school,” Balbas said. “I [also] try to talk with my family every week when possible.My friends are also important.” Balbas said.

Balbas seems to understand what is important and how to stay focused. Family can be one of the top things in a lot of students’ minds. 

Balbas said it is difficult to be in an entirely different country for school not only because of the obvious language differences but also for being so far away from family and friends.

Schooling can also be something very important when it comes to getting a job.

“Things just bug me if I don’t get them done,” said Abigail Covington, a freshman general education major from St. George.

Chances are that most students want the weather to warm up at least a little bit so that they can do more things: fishing, hiking, rock climbing, play sports or just be outside.

“Things will be looking up next month.” Tuipulotu said, without hesitation.