Athlete of the Month: Zach Robbins silent star on court, in kitchen

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Men’s basketball center Zach Robbins is not a man of many words, so he spoke through the game when he helped bring in the recent triple digit-win against Pacifica University.

Robbins not only posted 12 points and seven rebounds for Dixie State College’s record-breaking game on Jan. 2, but he also averages about 19 points and 3 rebounds per game.

Robbins, a sophomore business administration major from Upland, Calif., is fresh off his LDS mission and is continually getting faster and more enhanced in each game.

“I really didn’t know Zach when he first played here,” said junior forward Dalton Groskreutz, a communication major from Santa Clara. “All he was known as was the quiet kid on the team. I never heard him hardly say anything.”

Robbins is nicknamed “The Librarian” because of how quiet he is.

“He is the most mysterious guy on the team—in a good way,” Groskreutz said.

This silent but deadly athlete came back to Dixie being an underground hero, and today he helps lead his team to victory.

“He is just tall,” said guard Kimball Payne, a junior business administration major from Alpine. “If you give [the ball] to him anywhere on the floor, he can score. He is a good looking jumper.”

Payne said Robbins is good enough to easily elevate over someone and get the ball in the basket.

“He is just so good,” Groskreutz said. “He is really consistent with his shots, and he usually takes really good shots, too. He doesn’t ever make a bad shot.”

Robbins takes full advantage of the court, and he is one of the players to keep an eye on.

“He is a threat anywhere he is,” Payne said. “And on defense he just blocks everything. I know I can pressure my guy because I know that if he gets past me, Zach will be there to stop him.”

Robbins was announced Pacific West Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Week for the second time on Dec. 12 after making a career-high of 26 points and 18 rebounds against Fresno Pacific University. This made Robbins one of DSC’s most valuable players.

“Zach is continually working up to perform better and better,” head coach Jon Judkins said.

But this 6-foot-10-inch center doesn’t only stand out in the game of basketball—Robbins happens to be an Iron Chef in the kitchen.

Believe it or not, a couple of his many qualities are cooking and humor.

“I think he’s an all-star because he often comes over to my house and makes dinner for me and my wife,” Payne said. “He usually is the one that makes the great meal.”

Groskreutz said out of anyone on the team, Robbins probably has the best sense of humor.

But humor like that doesn’t come cheap.

“You have to sit down and talk to him to get it from him,” Payne said.

Payne said Robbins doesn’t talk very much, but whenever he does, it is something valuable and funny.

“So just be ready for it,” he said.