Paperwork due today for soccer tryouts

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Now is the time when men around campus have the chance to show off their soccer skills for men’s head soccer coach Danny Ortiz.

Soccer tryouts will be held on March 23 at Hansen Stadium. Students will need a physical exam from a doctor, school transcripts, proof of insurance and completed paperwork.

This tryout is for current Dixie State University students and players from other universities, colleges and junior colleges.

“It’s just to bring players in and give them opportunity to make the team for the fall roster,” Ortiz said. “We’re just trying to bring in some of the older guys and kind of balance out our roster between under and upper classmen to give us more maturity and a little bit more experience in the game.”

Ortiz said it gives an opportunity to return missionaries who have decided to continue to play, to players who have completed their two-year eligibility at other schools, and to current students who want to put to use their skill and passion and be a part of the fall squad.

“You never know who is going to fall into your lap,” Ortiz said.

Athletic Director Jason Boothe said this gives the coach an opportunity to see what talent the students at the school have to offer.

“You never know, someone could have fallen through the cracks,” Boothe said.

This tryout is to fill open spots on the field for the Red Storm, and only walk-on positions are available.

“This is just to fill in the holes,” Ortiz said. “There are only less than a handful of positions open.”

Students can get the paperwork from Ortiz and it must be turned in today.

Boothe said this is the only tryout for any DSU team this spring.

“Now that we’re NCAA and we’re really out recruiting and trying to fill the limited scholarships, tryout opportunities are just a lot more limited,” Boothe said.

This is the chance for those who yearn for a shot to play the game. Students can have their completed physical, transcripts and paperwork ready so they can show off their skills at the Hansen Stadium March 23. Ortiz will announce the time of the tryouts  to the individuals participating.

Students interested must call Ortiz at 435-652-7787.