DSU Housing Guide

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The blocks surrounding Dixie State University’s campus feature numerous housing options for students, and getting the skinny on each complex aids in narrowing down choices.

Dixie State Housing Complexes

Abby Apartments/495 S. 900 East/$1,100 shared, $1,400 private/Close to new sand volleyball pits/435-652-7570

Chancellor Apartments/11 S. 800 East/$1,175 shared, $1,500 private/Provide new modular furniture/435-652-7570

Dixie View Apartments/68 S. 800 East/$625 per month/Three-bedroom family apartments/435-652-7570

Morgan Apartments/660 S. 800 East/$550 per month/Two-bedroom family apartments/435-652-7570

Nisson Towers/974 E. 100 South/$775 old and $875 for remodeled rooms plus $425 for private/Near 24-hour lounge and computer lab/435-652-7570

Shiloh Hall/974 E. 100 South/$1,100 private/Features single rooms with privacy/435-652-7570


Other Housing Complexes

Avalon Apartments/333 S. 1000 East/$1,300 shared, $1,950 private/Newly remodeled rooms and outdoor grills/435-628-8140

Brookmont Apartments/411 S. 900 East/$1,200 shared, $1,850 private/Remodeling by new owners/435-628-4872

Campus Villas/833 East Tabernacle/$2,500 shared, $5,000 private (year rates only)/Quiet environment with swimming pool/435-619-4553

Canyonlands Apartments/423 S. 900 East/$1,045 shared, $1,145 shared deluxe, $1,995 private/Largest complex close to campus, focusing on activities for residents/435-673-6697

Dixie Cove/233 S. 1000 East/$1,150 shared, $1,650 private/Features a pool and all utilities/435-986-8800

Dixie Red Sands/416 S. 1100 East/$1,550 Fall Semester, $1,450 Spring Semester (both private)/All rooms feature sinks and vanities/435-229-8714

Dixie Red Sands South/600 S. 1042 East/$2,000 Fall Semester, $1,900 Spring Semester (both private)/New for Fall 2013/435-229-8714

Dixie South Apartments/638 S. 800 East/$2,200 shared, $4,400 private (year rates only)/Double bathrooms feature two tubs and two toilets/435-862-8913

Dixie Square Apartments/128 S. 700 East/$1,100 shared, $1,395 private/New, clean apartments with a washer and dryer/435-467-7390

Pride of Dixie/71 N. 1000 East/$1,000 shared, $1,400 private/Washer and dryer featured in each apartment/435-327-1333

Raintree Apartments/32 S. 800 East/$1,145 shared/Numerous activities create social environment/435-673-4122

Red Rock Ridge/344 S. 1990 East/$2,878 (year rate only)/Pool, hot tub and free laundry/435-627-8955

Rebels’ Roost/83 S. 100 East/$1,150 shared, $2,200 private/Small complex size creates personal environment/435-632-8155