DSU students commit Wednesdays to wearing jerseys

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A jersey is a great way to identify a favorite team, a favorite player and now to come together as a student body on Wednesdays.

After getting its start from three students wearing a jersey on a given Wednesday, it has grown into a part of Dixie life. After adding only one person the second week, the crowd jumped to 16 people wearing sports jerseys on Wednesday. Since that point, Jersey Wednesday keeps getting bigger and bigger.

“My brother Paul, Bryan Lunt and I all like sports and jerseys, and we decided to wear jerseys one day,” said Nate Stevenson, a freshman general education major from St. George.

Lunt, Paul Stevenson and Nate Stevenson have high aspirations for their new-found “holiday.”

“You could call us the founding fathers of the best holiday of the week, jersey Wednesday,” said Lunt, a sophomore biology major from St. George. “[Our] dream is to see this holiday celebrated everywhere on every campus throughout the country. This holiday is all about bringing the campus of Dixie State University together to be one.”

Students are able to wear any type of jersey they can find. Students are also allowed to wear what Paul Stevenson called a “shirsey.” A shirsey is a mixture between a jersey and a shirt. Usually the shirt will have sleeves, but it will still have the team logo, player number and name of the player.

“Some people think it has to be a basketball jersey, but any kind of jersey works,” Lunt said.

Throughout campus, students will find many people sporting jerseys from all different kinds of teams on Wednesdays.

“I have seen a lot of great jerseys on campus, but the best one in my opinion was when Dustin Neilson wore a custom Angels jersey with his name on the back that he made when he was in eighth-grade. Instant classic,” Lunt said.

The “founding fathers” set up a photo opportunity each Wednesday for anyone that is wearing a jersey. They have done photos throughout campus, including by the fountain and the diagonal.

For students who want to get involved and be a part of the pictures each Wednesday somewhere on campus, visit the Facebook page by searching “Jersey Wednesday” in the search bar.