St. George summers offer fun, potential health risks

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Warm weather brings students outside but could be considered dangerous.

 One of the perks of coming to Dixie State University is the warm climate. However, while the warm weather can be nice, it is important for students to stay safe while participating in activities outside. 

Christian Hildebrandt, director of campus recreation, said it is important to drink water before, during and after exercising. 

Hildebrandt said that each person should drink at least 64 ounces of water each day and increase the amount by how much physical activity is being done. 

“All heat illnesses are because of dehydration, something that can be easily prevented,” Hildebrandt said.

Dehydration can be as simple as chapped lips and dry throat but can lead to heat stroke causing the victim to pass out and can even lead to death.

The first sign of heat stroke is dizziness and blurred vision. If these symptoms start, make sure to go into a cool room or under a shaded area and drink lots of water. The goal is to cool off your body as fast as possible.

Hildebrandt said it is important to drink water even if you are participating in water activities.

“[Because] people are in the water and feel like they are cool, they are not,” Hildebrandt said. “Your body is still sweating, you just cant tell.”

Staying hydrated while at the lake can be easy. Some simple tips are make sure to bring water bottles and fruit on the boat—just don’t leave them on the beach. Also make sure the water is cool to help your body regulate its temperature.

Alexa Leavitt, a freshman business major from Bountiful, and her family always bring a cooler full of water to the lake to stay hydrated, and they bring healthy snacks to stay nourished.

While the hot weather can be dangerous, it can also be fun and relaxing if you take the proper precautions. 

Jordan Bracken, a junior English major from Perry, said the warm weather makes it easier to relax.

“I love to read outside and get a nice tan,” Bracken said.

Bracken said he also enjoys taking walks and playing ultimate Frisbee with a group of his friends.

While Bracken participates in these activities, he makes sure to take care of his skin and suggests all students do this. 

“Definitely wear sunscreen; that is a must.” Bracken said.

The campus has catered student life toward the warm weather and the area that surrounds DSU. There is even an outdoor recreation shop for students on campus located in the Old Gym. Students can rent bikes, canoes, tents and many other recreational gear. For information on this gear, check out the website.

It is a great time to be outside, and students should take advantage of the area, Hildebrandt said.