Erotic Topic: Minorities should have voice

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To those who wish to put and end to Erotic Topic: I hope you realize the scope of what you’re demanding.

Dixie Sun News posted a Facebook poll March 25 asking its readers whether Erotic Topic should still be published. As of April 13, 470 voters support the column and 661 don’t.

Instead of focusing on my column’s regular subject matter, I’m devoting its last edition of the semester to address the protestors and explain why the just action to take would be to tolerate, not trample, Erotic Topic.

Notice I said “last edition for the semester,” not “last edition ever.” Many seem to think since the poll reflects a majority win against Erotic Topic, it should obviously be discontinued, and Dixie Sun News should “honor its promise” to do so.

First of all, Dixie Sun News posted the poll to gather public opinion to help decide Erotic Topic’s future. It made no promise that a majority vote would dictate its actions.

With that being said, here is my response to that majority.

By insisting Erotic Topic be terminated, it’s obvious your intentions are to defend your beliefs and stand up for morality, but in all actuality, you’re trampling values others—and I’m sure you, also—hold dear.

Those values are freedom and diversity.

As the author of Erotic Topic, my mission is to ensure the minorities of our community aren’t ignored.

While Erotic Topic supporters currently make up about 42 percent of voters, that minority is prominent enough for at least some kind of attention.

Yes, Erotic Topic is certainly a kink in the consistency of this community’s majority viewpoint because it’s directed toward an audience interested in human sexuality.

Therefore, it’s OK you want it to go; I understand your concerns. But if you’re that closed-minded to the mere discussion of sex, you must understand this: Erotic Topic is not meant for you.

I’m curious to know how many people voted against Erotic Topic simply due to its racy name and suggestive “sex column” label before even skimming an article to discover, no, it doesn’t give advice along the lines of how to give an unforgettable blow job. Instead, Erotic Topic focuses on sexual themes like social issues and safe sex suggestions without being overly graphic. 

I guess it’s blasphemy that something might exist on Dixie State University’s campus that doesn’t cater to the majority.

However, I like to think we live in a world where the majority doesn’t entirely dictate the rules of the universe. Minorities are, too, entitled to read, write or act freely, despite the majority-stamped social standards that suffocate current-day St. George.

If Erotic Topic were to be dismantled, it would become a perfect example of majority domination.

Also keep this in mind: This is not a battle of Good Vs. Evil. The truth of the matter is the universe is not painted black and white. Moral values are not consistent for every individual, and that’s just how this world works.

Next, I ask you this. What do you value most: your own personal view of how things should be, or your tolerance and acceptance of others and their freedom? And if you’re really that dead set on having things your way, realize you’re insinuating you would rather strip others of their freedom so you can supposedly rest easy knowing your beliefs aren’t facing any opposition.

If Dixie Sun News disposed of content based on public opposition, I’m pretty sure the newspaper wouldn’t even exist. Instead, it would morph into a pamphlet full of fluff.

It’s ironic that the message of Erotic Topic’s very first publication was to discourage harsh judgment of others when their lifestyles aren’t consistent with the status quo. The reaction? More intolerance.

Is it not enough to say read something else and let it go? Apparently not.

Whether you like it or not, others do find value in Erotic Topic’s existence.

Discussion, in and of itself, acts as progress toward acceptance and steps away from unfair or harsh judgments, something this society could certainly learn. It also educates, entertains and connects people of similar interests.

If you don’t want to be a part of this select group of people who actually value Erotic Topic, that is perfectly fine. This column is unobtrusive and avoidable, meaning you do not have to insist on its termination. You can simply refuse to read it.

With Dixie State University as a whole in mind, Public Relations Director Steve Johnson released this statement: “Dixie State University supports First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of expression for all of our students, faculty and staff. We encourage our students to achieve their academic and creative goals in an open learning environment.”

For speech, for expression, for creativity, for learning, there is more value in allowing others to do as they please rather than unnecessarily restricting their freedom.

The key word here is unnecessary.

With Erotic Topic available to those who want it, while also existing as unobtrusive to those who don’t, its restriction would be just that: unnecessary.

As for Erotic Topic’s future, the Facebook poll will stay open until the end of the semester. Its results will be analyzed, and Dixie Sun News editors will make a collaborative decision about whether or not to continue the column fall semester.

The majority will be taken into consideration, but, rest assured, the 42 percent minority will certainly not be forgotten.