Rush nightlife appeals to students

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   A new nightclub in St. George has big-city characteristics like search lights and themed bathrooms, minus the booze.

   St. George’s newest night spot, located on 214 N. 1000 East, opened its doors to the public Sept. 17 with the 4 Kids Charity event.

   “The mayor cut the ribbon and hung out until 10 p.m.,” co-owner Lawrence LiCausi said.

   The club opened its doors on Sept. 18 for adults 18 years and older at $15. 

   “It doesn’t seem like it would be worth [$15] to go inside a club,” said Johni Lindquist, a freshman communication major from Castle Dale. 

The prices now listed on Rush’s website are at $10 a person.

   LiCausi said he has done his research and the price is comparable to other entertainment in this town. The price of a movie is $8.50. 

   The building is spacious and the entrance is a wide hall. The walls and ceiling are made of thick coarse wood resembling a mine shaft, LiCausi said.

   Rush’s theme color is gold resembling the gold rush.

   The hall then opens into a large dance floor with a few tables with chairs on the edge of the room. Above the bar hang windows on rain-weathered wood that resemble the worn buildings of a mining town.

   Up the back side of the main dance floor, broad stairways lead up to multi-level dance floors connecting to the disk jockey and light booth in the middle.

   Florescent lights cover the ceiling above the dance floor and move in array to the beat of the music.

   The same tin roofing that encases the technical equipment beneath the DJ and light booth are also the paneling on the bathroom stalls, giving it the same late-1800s rustic feel.

   “I never wanted alcohol and will never have alcohol at Rush,” LiCausi said. “It is a lot of liability.”

   The club serves Rush Slush in hurricane cups you own when you buy the drink.

   Rush serves Pepsi products and its own labeled energy drink and water. The drinks range from $1.25-4. The Rush also sells snacks such as Otis Spunk Meyer cookies and large soft pretzels.

   According to the website, The Rush, with more than a $1 million light and sound show, was built to be top notch.

   LiCausi said DJ Criss Beatez and lighting hires are both from Los Angles. More than 300 DJs applied for the job from as far away as Chicago and Miami. 

   The Rush is open Wednesday-Saturday 8 p.m. to midnight with the exception of the first Monday of every month being family night when everyone is welcome to attend.

   Adult 18 and older nights are Wednesday-Friday. Tuesday night salsa is in the works, Wednesday night is country night, Thursday is ladies’ night with $2 off their admission from 8-9 p.m., said LiCausi.

   Saturday is high school dance party night for 15-18 years of age. Family night is $20 for a family of five and $5 per additional family member.

   There are no price discounts for DSU students, thus far.