Dixie State football attempts to right ship

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Mental mistakes, missed assignments and limited resources have led Dixie State University’s football team to a bad start, but the first win of the season Saturday might help turn things around. 

The Red Storm have come up short in their previous three games. They played a Division I school for their season opener, which was an expected loss, but the following conference losses were not expected.

Saturday, the team traveled to play winless Humboldt State and came out with a 49-24 victory. This win is the momentum the Red Storm need to move on with their season.

“This win gives us a lot of confidence going into this-coming week’s game,”  said defensive coordinator Derek Campbell. “We made good plays this weekend instead of giving them up.”

At the beginning of the season, team members and the coaching staff wanted to redeem themselves from their losing record of 3-8 last season.

However, they only have one win, and missed field assignments have been the biggest problems for the team thus far. Whether it is the offensive line letting a man through or a receiver not making the play, the team has been dropping the ball —literally.

“Some players have been letting the nerves and urgency to win get to them,” Athletic Director Jason Boothe said.

Brumfield said the players have the ability to play well, but they are just making mental mistakes because they are nervous, and that is resulting in lost games. 

“They know where they are supposed to be, [and] they are just not getting there,” Brumfield said. “Some defensive players are forgetting what their coverage is, linemen are letting guys through, and, on top of all of that, we have freshmen who are new.”

Although the team has had a less than stellar start, Boothe said he is pleased with how the coaches are handling the situation.

“You have to look at it like the coaches are carpenters,” Boothe said. “If you give a carpenter a few tools and small pieces of wood and ask him to build a house, he can’t. Our coaches are in the same situation. They have the players and the talent, [but] the resources are just not there yet. They will come, but it is a slow process.”

With only seven wins in the past three seasons, the team has had questions concerning the fate of the coaching staff. Is it what the program needs? Will it have a job at the end of this season?

Boothe said all coaches are evaluated at the end of a season. At that point, the decision will be made whether the coaches will stay or be asked to leave.

“As of right now, we are pleased with the coaching staff,” Boothe said. “They are doing what [I hired them] to do.” 

Brumfield said he tries not to worry about his coaching position during the season.

“It is pointless to worry about that,” Brumfield said. “My main focus, right now, is making this program successful and getting a [win].”

Both Brumfield and Boothe said they are not impressed with the way the season has started, and they are hoping to make this season better with every game the team plays.

“We have lost a lot of sleep over the losses,” Boothe said. “We are ready to turn this all around and surprise some people at the end of the season.”