This month with the president: New tradition created for Homecoming

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Student government members are driving in a new tradition for Homecoming Week. 

A drive-in movie was held for students and members of the community Oct. 22 at the old airport in efforts to close the gap between the community and students. 

“I think there is a defined line between the community and the school,” said Student Body President Carlos Morgan, a senior communication major from Santa Clara. “As student government members, we are trying to change that.” 

The event was marketed as a family-friendly event and featured the movie “Despicable Me 2.” Popcorn and other snacks were provided for the movie goers as well. 

“We wanted the movie choice to be something that everyone could enjoy,” Morgan said. “Whether you are a traditional college student or middle-aged with children, the movie will be enjoyable.” 

Morgan said sometimes Dixie State University gets labeled as a party school, and the community may not fully understand what the students are like.

“Sometimes I feel the community just thinks we run wild on campus and are risqué,” Morgan said. “This drive-in gives the community the chance to see that we are not like this.”

Student government members set a goal to create a new tradition that would be timeless and have a large turnout at the beginning of the year. The drive-in seemed like the perfect answer, Morgan said.

“It kind of has a retro feel to it,” Morgan said. “It is something that the school and city could continue every year.”

The drive-in also makes use of the old airport that has been vacant for a couple of years. While the school did not have to pay to use the facility, student government had to present its proposal to city council members who readily accepted the proposal because of the wide appeal.

“The council was open and really excited about the idea,” Morgan said. “Having it up on the hill gives it a wow factor.”