Pinterest Project: Gamer’s bookshelf easily renovated, practical

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My son is a gamer — big time. We had an old, but sturdy bookshelf that was not in use and in need of renovation. This bookshelf was the perfect project to help clear a path on the bedroom floor as it was large enough to hold games, Sci-fi magazines and any other gaming trinkets that cluttered it. 

There was a newly renovated bookshelf named “A DIY Birthday,” which seemed very similar to my future project. When I extended invitation to renovate the bookshelf with a “Mass Effect” look, I convinced my son to help.

I purchased the materials I didn’t already have from Home Depot. This project took my son and I three hours (not including drying time) and cost me $34. An important word of advice: Make sure the shelves are standing after painting them. With my experience, the excess paint stuck to the plastic after it dried and was tough to peel off later.  

We enjoyed working as a team on this bookshelf, and I did not realize how easy it would be. Even if he is no longer a “Mass Effect” fan in a few years, the bookshelf will stand as a memento of our time together.



Trash bag to cover the ground


Black, red and white paint

Paint stir-stick and can opener

Painter’s masking tape

Roller, small paint brush and tray came as package deal



1. Cover the work area with a large trash bag. 

2. Use tape to section off the areas you wish to paint according to the design you have in mind.

3. Paint the bookshelf and shelves separately. 

4. Let the bookshelf dry for two hours. Remove tape.

5. Paint the other sides of the shelves, and touch up any other areas on the bookshelf.

6. After the shelves are dry, reassemble the shelving and decorate.