Who do you think will win March Madness?

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March Madness      

Nice job Rebecca! The only thing I’m concerned about is that most of your quotes are fragments, which means they aren’t complete or they don’t have a subject. The first section of quotes is a good example of what you can do to make them complete. Another thing you can do is go over your recordings and your notes and pick out any words you missed that make it a complete sentence. Thank you, tryin:)                                              How about a little beginning to this:

We interviewed several students on campus to see who their favorite March March Madness Team and why, and this is what they said:

*Kaylah Miller


Human Communications

San Diego, Calif.


“Coach K (Krzyzewski) is the best coach out there, between men and women coaches”

“They (Duke) have the best player Jabari Parker”

“Having the best coach and player combination is going to lead them (Duke) to the championship”


Jace Melessa (Pinkish shirt)




-Duke University-

“Duke has always been my favorite team, I like their coach.”

“They (Duke) have better students academic wise also.”

“A lot of their players are skilled, which is attributed to (a) hard work ethic, as far as shooting and double drills.”<I’m not exactly sure what this second sentence means. do you Jord?  

It was in reference to the basketball practice skills they work hard on. Another example would be like tag ups, and he did say it in that order- Can I change the order in which he said it?

“Not all (of the players) were born with talent but they all work hard.”


Aeryus Holloway (beanie red and black attire)


Integrated Chemistry/Sociology

Compton, CA

-Duke University-

“(I chose) Duke because Jabari Parker is the best all-around forward in the game.”

“They have good coaching. They’ve been there (March Madness tournament) before so they have experience.”

“They are talented and work hard-they’ve got both.”


*Calvin Pace (Red shirt Hustle)


Business Administration

Sandy, UT

-Duke University-

“(Duke has been) my family’s favorite since I was little.“

“Jabari Parker is awesome.”

“Christian Laettner was my favorite player ever. He played for the Timberwolves and was the only players of the Dream Team that took them to the Hall of Fame.”


Bobby Patton (Blue shirt, grey hat)


Integrated Studies Sociology/ Criminal Justice

Los Angeles, Calif.

-Wichita State-

“(Wichita State) finished the season undefeated.”

“They (W.S.) made it the Fab Four last year.”

“They (W.S.) were better than they were last year.”


*Tanner Atkin (Desert Hills shirt)



St. George, UT

-Wichita State-

“They (W.S.) are undefeated this year.”

“They (W.S.) were in the Final Four last year with basically the same team, and they have the experience of being there before.”


Dre Smith (Black D shirt)


Secondary Education Social Sciences

Atlanta, Ga.

-University of Florida-

“They (University of Florida’s team) have a mature, older team that has been together a long time and will win over others.”

“They have big (tall) men to defend.”

“They have top recruits.”


Eric Logan (black shirt, green writing)


Mechanical Engineering (Technology)

Las Vegas, NV


“I’m a Duke fan.”

“(I favor Duke) because I like Jabari Parker’s game and like the way he plays.”


*Jonathan Long (Second guy holding basketball, liked the bball background and good smile)



Las Vegas, NVi


“(Syracuse) had a 25-0 start at the beginning of the season.”

“They have a strong point guard Tyler Ennis and a great left-handed shooter CJ Fair.”


*Brock Butler (red shirt comp in hand)



Carlsbad, Calif.

-San Diego State-

“Steve Fisher head basketball coach. He was the coach of Michigan when they had the Fab Five and went to the Final Four.”

“The program has been on the rise for years; this is their year!”


*Favored by me picture wise and seemed most informed (Also Tanners family puts alot of money into the college) 

Pictures of each student is in the Dropbox.