Frisbee takes ‘Ultimate’ twist

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If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to be as carefree as a dog, just grab a friend, a Frisbee and go outside.

There are many things you can do with a Frisbee, but the most well-known activities are Frisbee golf and the World Games sport — Ultimate.

“Both of these sports are great for students because they’re cheap, flexible in the way of location and number of players, and a fun way to meet new people of all kinds,” said Jordan Ellsworth, a sophomore pre-engineering major from Washington.

Frisbee golf

Imagine you’re standing on one end of a grass field holding a Frisbee. Across the field you can see a silver basket. Your goal is to throw the Frisbee into the basket.

This is Frisbee golf. Just like regular golf, the goal is to get the disc into a designated cup. You’ve probably noticed the silver baskets around the Dixie State University campus, and may have even wondered what they are.

DSU has nine Frisbee golf holes scattered across campus. Most of the time, if you’re standing next to one of them, you can see the next one without a problem.

Frisbee golf is a chance to work on your distance as well as your accuracy with a Frisbee disc. It’s also slower so you can carry a conversation.

“[Frisbee golf] allows for more conversation and requires a little more accuracy,” Ellsworth said.

Frisbee golf is also an opportunity for learners to get the hang of throwing the Frisbee.

“Frisbee golf is fun because it can be as easy or challenging as you want to make it,” said Steven Everett, a sophomore criminal justice major from Washington. “It (also) has a nice, relaxing element to it.”

There are no scorecards for DSU’s version of Frisbee golf, but if you really wanted to, you could decide on a par for each hole and then try to make it in fewer throws.

Frisbee golf is a chance for people to hang out and learn a new sport and skills without having to run much — if at all.

If you go home during summer and want to play Frisbee golf, just find a park and choose targets to hit. Trees work perfectly.


Imagine you’re running down the field, the Frisbee is in the air, and if you score this point, your team wins the game. The Frisbee is getting closer to the ground with each step, and you’re so close to scoring the final point. You dive and make a spectacular catch.

If Frisbee golf isn’t exciting enough because of the lack of running and physicality, Ultimate is the game for you.

“If you don’t want to be known as a pansy, you play Ultimate,” Everett said.

Ultimate is a game that ideally has seven players on each team but can be played with as little as three on each team. After setting boundaries, one teams pulls, or throws off, and the game begins.

Players are not allowed to run with the disc and must pass it between teammates until stepping into an endzone. If the disc hits the ground, the other team takes possession.

“It’s the perfect mix of handball, soccer and football with a touch of hockey,” Everett said.

Ultimate is a chance for people to get out and exercise with a lot of running, some jumping and even diving. It can also be played by both men and women of many ages.

“It’s good exercise running back and forth like that,” Ellsworth said. “Sometimes, it can be hard to find a sport where girls and guys can be equally competitive, but Ultimate seems to work well that way.”

If you can find a long enough field and you have a Frisbee, Ultimate is a great way to stay active.