Dance wraps D-Week, initiates fresh True Rebel tradition

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D-week ended with a gathering of fellow Dixie State University students at the D-Day Dance and True Rebel Night. The last dance proved a huge success with over 400 students dancing to the latest top 40 hits. 

During a quick computer glitch, Dixie’s recently crowned D-Queen Jill Wulfenstein led the crowd from the balcony in a upbeat rendition of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus.

Couples like Daniel Chapman, a junior music major from Ivins, and his alumnus fiancé dressed in “stylish nightlife apparel” and enjoyed the tunes provided by disk jockey Marcus Wing. Chapman’s seal of approval was the Italian cream sodas. Delicious cream flavors were served by the campus dining services and Dixie-colored jars of pretzels, mints and other snacks were provided at the dance.

Denver Medsen, a sophomore computer science major from Mapleton, and his girlfriend Shaylene Inchaurregui, a freshman communication major from Las Vegas, Nev., said the dance was a lot of fun.

“(There was) great music, and it was easy to dance to,” Inchaurregui said.

Both couples planned to go to the fountain instead of the clock tower to join the True Rebel tradition at midnight.

Acknowledged as the new True Rebel tradition spot, most of the crowd headed to the announced Holland Clock Tower Plaza.

For those who had attended other D-Week events, students listened in hopes of being one of the winners of the two scooters. Also, if the student wasn’t present, he or she didn’t win, which was pretty disappointing for the one student’s name that got drawn and thrown away because he was not there.

A new tradition was started for True Rebel, and hundreds of students crowded in, reaching both hands to touch the clock tower.

Twenty-one couples and their friends headed to the fountain where they knew of as the traditional True Rebel spot. Ashley Wilson, a sophomore dental hygiene major from Grantsville, and her boyfriend Chase Merryweather, a sophomore criminal justice major from Payson, went to the fountain because they wanted a more romantic place to celebrate.

For many friends and couples: the best place to end the night was in the fountains’ frigid water, at the stroke of midnight, kissing and snapping photos.