New grub will appear on campus soon

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After months of negotiations, Dixie State University has renovation plans to help students find a sub-stitute for typical lunches.

The DSU Campus Dining Services has presented the idea of putting a well-known sandwich shop on campus. Campus Dining Services is currently in the process of reviewing the contract. Paul Morris, the vice president of administrative services, said the dining services would disclose the name of the restaurant, but there are still too many “what if’s” involved. If all goes according to plan, he is planning on announcing the restaurant toward the middle of May. 

“[Before we disclosed the name], we would have to have a signed contract,” Morris said. “There is also a standard agreement that [the sandwich shop] has, but we would be asking for some modifications, so it could take some time (before constructions is underway).”

Morris said one of those modifications would be trying to work out an agreement so DSU would own the franchise.

Campus Dining Services is planning on making the announcement to the university in the next couple of weeks. The location for the restaurant is still up in the air.

“[The location] is one of the unknowns at this point,” said Martin Peterson, director of campus dining services. “We have a couple spots picked out for it, [but] we are just doing some work to see what the remodel costs would be.”

The two locations the restaurant might be placed are in the Red Rock Café, where it will replace the Big D Deli, and in the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons where it will replace Stacks.

Peterson said the shop needs to be under construction by May 15 in order to complete it by Aug. 1.

“Our goal is to be open by the time the students come back (from the summer break),” Peterson said.

The Campus Dining Services board reviewed the student services surveys that were administered across campus, and students said they would like to see this sandwich shop at DSU.

Peterson said this shop was one of the top five choices, along with Durango’s, Panda Express, Taco Bell and Jimmy John’s.

Morris said once DSU has a contract for the sandwich shop, campus dining will start advertising. He said the people with Campus Dining Services will send out flyers and put up a construction sign.