Dixie Red Friday bolsters campus community

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Dixie State University is aspiring for its community to wear red, whether it’s a school shirt or something red out of the closet. 

DSU administration came to an agreement to have one designated day out of the week to show off spirit.

“The Dixie Red Friday concept has been around this campus for a number of years, but the overall weekly push was really inconsistent,” said Steve Johnson, director of public relations. “With the arrival of President Williams to campus, the DSU Public Relations and Marketing Office and the president have re-instituted the campaign with a concerted effort to generate school spirit throughout the campus.” 

Not only does administration support this concept, but so do the students.

“It’s important to love where you’re at,” said Jake King, a junior business major from St. George. “If you don’t, you’re at the wrong place. I wear my Dixie gear and I go to all the games.”

King encouraged people to come visit the school and how awesome it is here.

“I think it’s important to support the students here at school and they enjoy seeing us staff being involved us staff going to all the activities and wearing red on Fridays,” business cashier assistant Christina VonEuw said.

Every Friday the administration heads out on campus and rewards students, faculty and staff who are wearing DSU apparel. You can receive gift certificates to the DSU Bookstore, and in the coming weeks, prizes will be added from the DSU Dining Services and DSU Athletics. They are also awarding a monthly lunch to the staff of the best-decorated DSU department office — both academic and administrative.

Students can see photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #weareDIXIE. This is done to unite the entire campus and the community in the Dixie spirit.  

Administration would also like students and community members to post selfies and office photos showing off your Dixie Spirit on Facebook (facebook.com/DixieStateUniversity) and Instagram (instagram.com/DixieState) with the hashtag #DixieRedFriday.