Dixie Campus REC expecting high participation in 2015 intramurals

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If you’re trying to avoid that infamous freshman 15, intramural sports offer a number of ways to keep you active.

There are 22 different intramural activities that are being played this semester alone, including basketball, volleyball, soccer and many more.

In the 2013-14 school year, over 2,000 DSU students competed in intramural sports, and that number is expecting to more than double this year. Some students take the games far more seriously than others do, and the Dixie intramural program is welcoming no matter how competitive you are.

Zach Wynn, a sophomore business major from Bountiful loves playing basketball for the social aspect of it.

“I like having a social life, and I love playing basketball, so it works out perfectly for me,” Wynn said.

The intramural staff puts a big emphasis on five-on-five basketball. Games will be played under NCAA rules. There is expected to be 10-12 teams, many of which have college-level athletes on their rosters. These players aren’t just your average Joes, said Ken Turley, a senior business major from Alamo, Nevada.

Turley said he is heavily involved in DSU’s intramural program and regularly competes in the games.

“We keep full stats for basketball: points, rebounds, everything,” Turley said. “No other intramural does that. It’s always a lot of fun.”

There is also a skills competition, 3-point shoot out, dunk contest and all-star game.

If basketball isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other events to get involved in. Some increasingly popular ones are ultimate Frisbee, softball, and dodgeball.

To sign up for any of these  sports, students must have a Dmail account. You will log in or register at IMLeagues.com using your Dmail account.    

From there, students can  create a new team or join an existing team, which requires an invitation.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the staff or visit the intramural office in the southeast corner of the Student Activities Center (Old gym).