Students can expect traditional, fresh ideas for Week of Welcome

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The start of school can be the best week or the worst week for college students.

The annual Week of Welcome takes a lot of time, diligence, preparation and double-checking from the student life committee of the Dixie State University Student Association, said Sarah Ramaker, vice president of student life.

“I decide which events to hold based on a combination of two things: traditional events students and community members look forward to, and new and fresh ideas to keep returning students excited about coming out to the events and meeting new people,” Ramaker said.

The Week of Welcome started with the Welcome Week Kickoff at the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons building and the Diagonal. The week continued with a tree planting service project at the Gardner Student Center Plaza on Tuesday. Bruce the Hypnotist will perform at the “Wednes D” event tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Gardner Ballroom. The week will end with a Foam Dance at the North Instructional Building Friday at 9 p.m. 

Ramaker said her main goal is to bring people together, help them meet new people, and create relationships that will last a lifetime.

“I think the goal is to spread the Dixie spirit as much as possible, (and) more people at these events will only help that grow faster,” Ramaker said.

Ramaker also said Week of Welcome is for the entire campus and the community.  It’s to let everyone in St. George know DSU is back and ready for another year.

Alesha Allen, a junior psychology major from Las Vegas, said she was especially excited for the Welcome Back Carnival.

“I’m excited for all the activities  and to be able to have the opportunity to be social, meet new people and also reconnect with old friends,” Allen said.

Activities like this get students excited for the rest of the school year and future events that will come in the coming semesters, Allen said.