New era for DSU athletics

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The end of an era at Dixie State Athletics will now shuffle into the beginning of another.

Dixie State University Athletic Director Jason Boothe announced the addition of three members to the athletic administration this summer, just one of several big changes coming to the athletic program this year.

Following the departure of Kenny Cox, Jason Herbers and John Potter II, Boothe admitted he had some big shoes to fill before this year’s athletic season. He said he did just that with the changes that were made during the summer. 

Buddy Allen joins DSU as the coordinator of internal operations, where he will oversee all scheduling of athletic facilities, game day operations and summer camps. Before making the move to St. George, Allen was employed at his alma mater, Grand Canyon University. While in Phoenix, Allen gained the kind of experience and expertise that he said makes him a perfect fit at DSU. 

“I’m coming from a school that knows how to get people into games and really create an environment at the events,” Allen said. “That’s something that Dixie already does really well, but just being able to add my 2 cents is a big positive.”  

While still trying to adjust to the “colder” St. George weather, Allen said his job transition has been seamless. 

Steve Johnson, incoming associate athletic director for media relations, had an even easier transition, as he only had to move his office across the parking lot. Johnson served as DSU’s director of public relations, marketing, publications, trademarking and licensing for nine years before showing interest in the athletic department position. His experience in that department was what made him stand out to Boothe. 

“It’s a home run,” Boothe said. “With his familiarity with the school and his experience in PR, it was a natural fit and something we couldn’t pass up.”  

Prior to his arrival at DSU, Johnson spent eight years as the assistant sports information director at Southern Utah University. 

“Returning to this job is returning to my roots in athletic media relations,” Johnson said. “I’m eager to increase the visibility of the Dixie State athletic department across the Wasatch Front, Vegas and Southern California. That’s our role.” 

Keric Seegmiller was chosen to fill the shoes of John Potter II. Potter served as the assistant coordinator of media relations for DSU for six years. He was also the voice of athletics. Seegmiller acknowledges the role he has to fill but said he doesn’t feel any pressure.  

“John is great at what he does,” Seegmiller said. “He is very professional and he’s got a very recognizable radio voice, but I’m going to bring my own personality and bring a fun, uplifting experience to the fans. I love putting the headset on and the first time I do that, I won’t be worried at all about having to fill someone’s role.” 

Seegmiller is a lifelong resident of southern Utah and a graduate of DSU, something he sees as a big positive. 

“As a local, I feel I should really be able to connect with the fans on a personal level,” Seegmiller said. “I’m really excited to serve in that role and help the coverage of Dixie State blow up. This university is at a position to really take off, and I can’t wait to see it expand over the next couple years.” 

All three of the new personnel spoke adamantly of their intentions to grow the institutions name and likeness. 

“When we’re watching highlights and scores, we want to see Dixie State,” Seegmiller said. “People are going to know who we are.”