New digital film degree in final stages of approval

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Dixie State University still awaits the final approval for the new digital film degree, a process that has been three years in the making.

Just like many other collegiate institutions, DSU administration seeks to add degrees to its portfolio as a way to attract students into enrolling. The school has been working on this degree under the direction of Jeffery Jarvis, dean of college of the arts, and Program Director Phil Tuckett. 

The university currently offers a communication degree with an emphasis in film production. Though the degree touches on a few areas within the film-making  world, the new degree hopes to offer a more specific approach on the subject, thus giving its students more well-rounded skills.

The degree has had to pass through numerous levels of approval, starting with different university committees and making its way through the board of trustees and the board of regents.

The degree has currently entered the final approval stage, which is the accreditation process. Though the final decision has not been made, there is a lot of confidence the degree will be passed. 

“I am scared to say [when because whatever] I say will probably be wrong,” Jarvis said. “Optimistically, sometime in the next few weeks we get a yes, and we are [then] ready to open the program in January.” 

Jarvis said he compliments Tuckett on the success he has had out in the business world. Tuckett has numerous Emmy Awards for his work in making NFL films along with experience in making music videos for MTV, Jarvis said.

It is obvious that he is more than qualified for the job. He has an undying love for DSU and the film industry, Jarvis said.

Trey Davis, a junior communications major from Kaysville, said he has plans to switch to the new digital film program as soon as it is offered. Though Davis has the option to continue on in his current path, he said he felt changing his degree would look that much better when he seeks employment after college.

“To me, it is amazing to know that [Tuckett] is so recognized in his own videos and how great that feels to me knowing that I can aspire to become just as successful as he is,” Davis said.

In teaching at his alma mater, Tuckett said he knows the impact this degree will have for students as they seek professional careers. He said the cornerstone of everything he does is for the benefit of his students.

Jarvis said this new program will provide additional classes to broaden the depth of understanding for students. They will better understand the various stages of production and screen writing. Lighting will become a second language to them. The list goes on and on, he said.

“We kind of reached a point where we got as far as we can go as an emphasis,” Tuckett said. “Now, there’s lots of room to grow [in this new degree,] and we are looking forward to doing it.”