DSU hires deans of library services, health sciences

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Two new deans have arrived on campus to diversify and progress the library and learning services department and the health sciences department at Dixie State University.  

DSU welcomed Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, dean of the library and learning services department, as well as, Dr. Eliezer Bermudez, dean of the college of health sciences, over the summer. Both deans have had time to settle into their new atmosphere and are already working to help improve the university. 

Kelly Peterson-Fairchild

Kelly Peterson-Fairchild joined DSU from the Oregon Institute of Technology where she spent the last 14 years as the library services director. In regards to leaving her life in Oregon, and moving herself and her family to St. George, Peterson-Fairchild said she is certain St. George is where she needs to be, and this is a “new experience to do good.” She also said she wants to approach her job as dean the way she approaches life, “like an adventure.” 

According to a press release from DSU’s public relations office, Peterson-Fairchild said, “I am excited to be joining Dixie State University and to be part of the innovative work happening both on campus and in the library and learning services,” she also said. “I look forward to expanding on collaborations to integrate our services into the curriculum and improve student learning.”

Peterson-Fairchild has already started working to update the library with plans to create a keyed map that will sit in the library and give students specific information on the different resources the library has to offer. She also hopes to build a better collaboration among the student-help areas such as the tutoring center, the writing center and the library itself, making it easier for students to access every option available to them. 

This will also be accomplished through the use of the new keyed mad installation. 

Dr. Eliezer Bermudez

Dr. Eliezer Bermudez was interim dean of the college of health sciences at Indiana State University before coming to DSU and has over 22 years of experience in the health science field. Bermudez is originally from Puerto Rico and received a Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles. He, his husband Brad and their cat Dolly moved to St. George over the summer and have been exploring the many adventures St. George has to offer.

Bermudez said he has a lot of plans for the health science department. Bermudez said his department is the largest on campus in regards to the number of students, and he wants to see that number continue to grow. He would also like to see the program become more diverse and plans on working to make that happen in the years to come.  Bermudez said he would like to solidify the accreditation the program has been building since DSU switched from a college to a university, and he hopes to accomplish this by the end of his tenure. 

According to a press release from DSU’s public relations office, Bermudez said, “these are exciting times to be involved in the health sciences at Dixie State University,” he said. “The College offers a broad array of health and human performance programs, many of which are accredited. We are starting new academic health programs to offer bachelor and master level degrees in the health fields. This is a college that will continue to grow in terms of students, faculty and academic programs.”

Both of the new deans have an open-door policy and said they are excited to start getting to know their students. Peterson-Fairchild and Bermudez both said they want to help students navigate through school as best they can, and are excited to get to know the student body better as the year progresses.