Building signs replaced by online maps

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Despite the removal of building signs from in front of each campus building, freshmen at Dixie State University seemed to find their way around through the Ellucian GO app.

Building name signs that used to be in front of every campus building were removed because they weren’t consistent with DSU’s current image. The signs were taken down just days before the start of fall semester.

“Most of the signs had the old Dixie State College logo in the background, so they needed an update,” said Sherry Ruesch, executive director of facilities management. “Some had been hit by mowers too, so it also solves that problem.”

DSU would place real estate signs in the past with the building names in front of the buildings during the beginning of school, but now with students having easy access to maps on their phone, DSU doesn’t do this anymore, Ruesch said.

“By presenting one unified brand, we eliminate any confusion on who we are, make a distinct impression on our audience, and have the best opportunity possible to share the momentum of Dixie State University,” said Public Relations Director Jyl Hall.

At this year’s freshman orientation, students were urged to use the campus map found on their phone to find their classes.

“I didn’t really struggle finding my classes because I used the app,” said Steven Burila, a freshman general studies major from Stansbury Park. “I would just look at my schedule and then click the link to follow the map around campus.”

The Ellucian GO app has an option to click on the building and classroom your class is in and follow that to your class. DSU has been paired with the Ellucian GO app since fall 2016, but DSU is starting to advertise for it more as DSU continues to add more information to it. The app is available in most app stores.

Some buildings, such as the Jennings Communications Building, don’t have clear signs on every side of the building, so faculty put red papers in the windows indicating what building students were entering.

Ruesch said DSU is not planning on replacing building signs that were taken down, but DSU will place lettering on the sides of buildings where there currently is none.