Rebrand extends to university fight song

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As Dixie State University continues its rebranding, it’s out with the old and in with the new fight song. 

“We’re Trailblazers, and that’s who we are, and we are going to blaze this trail and this is going to be a tradition that is going to last forever,” said Kiel Lambson, a sophomore business administration major from Santa Clara.

Most universities have a school song and a fight song, but DSU is an exception. For many years DSU has been using its school song as the fight song.

During the freshman orientation, student government unveiled a new fight song for incoming students.

“The fight song is a way to get more people involved in the games and going to games and getting people cheering together and the fight song does that,” said Alisa Amussen, a freshman accounting major from Pleasant Grove.

Merrilee Webb, director of raging red and special projects, produced the fight song with help from the Fandom Committee and President Biff Williams to help rebrand athletic events with the Trailblazer identity. 

The lyrics reflect how, despite the rebrand, DSU students will continue to thrive within traditions and history by saying, “Our strength and tradition have brought us this far will fight until the end, we know who we are.”

Everyone will be able to hear the debut of the fight song on Sept. 16. Before the debut, the fight song will be featured on various social media outlets so students are aware of the new fight song. 

“The fight song will serve as a big recruiting tool for future students,” said Cajun Syrett, a junior communication major from Bryce Canyon City. “Here at Dixie we are trying to create an atmosphere that draws students here because they see how rowdy we are at football and basketball games.” 

DSU implemented new roles within DSUSA called the Stampede. It is meant to be a way to create a high-energy environment at every athletic event that supports the Trailblazers and give students the opportunity be loud and proud. 

DSUSA is working on projects to help the Stampede increase student involvement and spirit at various sporting events. With DSU having the most students it’s ever had, and new projects happening on campus, DSU is stepping up to the next level and school spirit should be the same, Lambson said.