Local farmers market provides music, fresh food

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The bounties of nature can be found at the Downtown Farmers Market, which offers  farm-fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally for the community. 

The Downtown Farmers Market begins the second week of May and ends the last week of October every year. The farmers market is held every Saturday at Ancestor Square from 8 a.m. to noon.

“Many people like bringing produce home that has been picked the night before so they know it’s fresh,” said Jil Gardella, the Downtown Farmers Market manager. 

People of all ages visit the farmers market. 

“I like the atmosphere of the people that come through and interacting with them,” said honey vendor Steven Simpson.

Entertainers from the Southern Utah Song Writers Association fill Ancestor Square with a wide variety of music. 

Each week there are  between 20-30 vendors depending on the season and what is available.  No matter the weather conditions, the farmers will still be there selling their products. 

Several vendors fill the parking lot with USDA approved fruits and vegetables, breads, jams and jewelry. 

“You get to see the same customers each week, so you really get to know your audience and what they buy,” said beryl vendor Janet Linder.

The farmers market is a non-profit organization who supports the local community and farmers.

Although some vendors’ product prices run higher than the super market at times, prices for the most part are reasonable for their customers. 

“I think people attend this event because it’s farm fresh, and people like to know where the produce comes from,” Gardella said. “They want to know their farmer and support the local community.”

If you want to know what vendors will be at the farmers market each week, watch out for the Enewsletter that comes out every Thursday.