Diverse elective classes to lighten course load

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It’s almost time to start registering for spring classes, and that can be almost as stressful as the classes themselves.

With finals and the holidays approaching, registration can end up on the back burner. Here is a list of a few classes that students might want to take when their required courses seem to be overwhelming. 

Bread making 
This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to make bread, but it is also gives students a chance to take an elective while simultaneously providing free food. During this course, students learn how to make different kinds of bread and then share their own recipes with the class. 

“If you like to eat any type of bread or bread products, you should take the Bread making class.   Every week we bake something different and you get to take home what you have made.  We make different types of bread, cinnamon rolls, pretzels, rolls, banana bread etc.” said Sherilyn Benson professor of the class. “Bread making is the best class on campus.”

Bread making is held on Monday nights from 5:15-7:50 p.m. FSHD 1000. 

This class isn’t just for female students, but any student who wants to learn more about how to predict dangerous situations and master the art of defending one’s self in the face of an attacker. The course also examines the social and psychological aspects that coincide with the practice of self-defense.

“It teaches people how to be safer in their lives through understanding patterns of sexual assault and intimate violence and by developing self-defense techniques in the lab portion of the class,” said Tim Eicher, the self-protection professor. “To my knowledge it is the only class of its kind that holistically combines physical, cognitive, and social-emotional learning for developing personal effectiveness.”

Self-Protection will take place on Tuesday from 5:30 p.m.-6:45 p.m. or 6:50 p.m.-8:30 p.m. FSHD 2410.

The ceramics class at Dixie State University gives students an opportunity to get their hands dirty and create something of their own.  Kimberly Lawton, a freshman general studies major from Hurricane, Ut, said that ceramics gives students the creative freedom to make whatever they want, which is something not many classes offer. April Ward, a freshman nursing major from St. George, said that she likes seeing her work progress and get better. 

“It’s something different and something and something not a lot of people do and you get to see a new side of art because it’s not your basic art class,” Ward said. 

Ceramics classes are available Monday and Thursday at multiple times. ART 2570.

Scuba Diving
Utah is a landlocked state, but that doesn’t mean students can’t learn how to scuba dive. This course provides two of the three parts needed to become a recognized worldwide scuba diver. Students tackle the in-class and pool portions needed to become a certified diver. The class is held at the George S. Eccles Fitness Center pool where students can learn to dive in the university’s pool.

After taking this class, students will have completed the in-class and pool experience portion needed to become a certified scuba instructor. After completing the course, students must complete the open water portion to become certified.

Scuba diving is held on Tuesday from 5:15 p.m.-8:20 p.m. PEHR 1350