DSU dance recital showcases unique choreography

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Seniors showcase unique choreography and innovative style during the dance department’s winter concert tonight at Dixie State University. 

The DSU dance department’s annual winter dance concert is Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the Dolorés Dore Eccles Fine Arts Center Main Stage. This concert is a time for the seniors who have been working on choreographing these dances since the beginning of the semester to showcase their work.

There’s a wide variation of dances from duets to large group numbers, each highlighting the different choreographers and unique style. Mckensy Madsen, a dance major from Ivins, said one of her favorite parts of choreographing is being able to articulate various perspectives on an array of topics. 

“I think art gives you a perspective of issues that you don’t get from verbal or written word. It gives you an alternative, right brain approach to it.”

The concert is also a way to display the dance department and its growing numbers.

Kylee Arnold, a senior dance major from Sandy, said the dance concert is not only a great way to showcase the dancers but also to bring attention to the dance major at DSU, a major that was only introduced to the university two years ago.

“It’s free, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable, and we need more dance majors,” Arnold said. 

Dancers aren’t the only ones who will enjoy this fun activity on a Friday night. Cajun Syrett, a junior communication major from Bryce Canyon, who will be performing in the concert, said he enjoys watching dance because of the therapeutic effect it has on him.

“I think it’s an art form, so whenever you are able to sit down and just enjoy art, it gives you a relaxation and a peaceful feeling,” Syrett said.

He also mentioned now is the perfect time for students to go out and enjoy a tranquil night at the theater before having to focus on the stress of finals.

“It’s just a good time to relax before the big storm kind of comes in.”