Opportunities to provide service at DSU

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Whether you have too much time on your hands, or not enough, there’s always an opportunity to give back to your community.

There are a wealth of options around Dixie State University that help you to do just that.

Dillon McKinney, a junior mathematics major from St. George, and the vice president of service for Dixie State University Student Association, began his contribution to the community in a small club that later became a branch in the DSUSA.

“[As a freshman] I joined a club that was called Dixie Serves at the time,” McKinney said. “…That club turned into the branch of service for student government.” 

The DSUSA Service branch works with approximately 14 non-profit organizations. McKinney mentioned that of those 14 non-profits what seems to be the most attended project are the ones hosted by Habitat for Humanity, an international non-profit organization devoted to building homes for individuals in poverty. 

Every student volunteer opportunity can be accessed through DSUSA’s website OrgSync, where a weekly service opportunity is posted with the date and details. 

Coming up next for DSUSA is the annual Campus to Community project happening Feb. 13. 

But DSUSA isn’t the only organization getting involved with Campus to Community. The Latter-day Saint Student Association will be participating in it as well, where it will be providing shirts and court memberships for those interested in joining. 

LDSSA is a way to look for service opportunities as well. Although not yet approved by DSU,  LDSSA is currently working with the Veterans Success Center to help provide an on-campus daycare center for student-parents, and every year the Institute of Religion hosts the Red Cross Blood Drive.

“[Also] around April we will be planning a large…initiative,” said Spencer Thatcher, a senior biology major from Logan, and president of LDSSA. “It will encourage students [to do] small [acts of service] every day.”

And those small acts can become bigger impacts.

“We don’t always get to see the fruits of our labors,” McKinney said. “…It’s the repeated small efforts that really do make the impact in the world and community we live in.” 

Another way to make an impact locally is through the non-profit organization Providing Animals with Support Adoption Center, better known as P.A.W.S. 

“Some of the main volunteer positions that we have students do is actually taking shifts with the animals,” P.A.W.S Communication Coordinator Kelsie Watters said. “All of [the pet] rooms need people to come and feed…clean up and care for the animals.”

After applying online and conducting just a few training shifts, you will be set to help provide volunteer service to those cats and dogs. 

“You get as much out of it as you give,” Watters said. “The animals know you and they love you…it’s enriching.”

Fostering pets is also a potential way students can provide a positive act of service for P.A.W.S. With the appropriate accommodations and the completion of a foster application, pets can be temporarily cared for within your own home. 

“If you can donate, if you foster or adopt those are things that can benefit not only P.A.W.S but the community as well,” Watters said. 

Internships are also provided by this local adoption center for students looking to improve their media skills through photography and videography. Through this internship, students can help P.A.W.S reach out to more of the St. George community with media.

Whether you are interested in caring for animals, spreading some love through small initiatives, or getting your hands a little dirty, there’s a place in the community for you.