Students reflect on items they are never without

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There are plenty of items students might find themselves needing throughout the day.

From the downright obvious, like a pen, to the items students don’t know they need until it’s too late. Everyone has a handful of things they never leave their dorm without.


Hydration is key to health, concentration and happiness. According to lifehack.org, drinking more water has shown to improve mental and physical ability, help with weight loss and expel toxins from the body. With the amount of water students are expected to consume and half their day — or more — being spent in the classroom, a Hyrdoflask can come in handy.

Scott Beckstrom, a senior finance major from San Diego, said he always has a Hyrdoflask with him when running to and from campus.

“Being able to drink water is always great,” Beckstrom said. “Any water container works well; [you] just need something to drink on the go.”


Campus resources are open to students on campus, especially when they forget their lunch or are looking to treat themselves to DSU merchandise.

Makiah Smith, a sophomore psychology major from St. George, said she is never without a couple extra dollars in case of emergencies or simply to treat herself after a long day.

“It’s smart to have cash on you, or even your debit card, for food or in case you run out of pencils or scantrons,” Smith said. Casie Muse, a freshman radiography major from St. George, said she always keeps snacks in her bag, or money to buy snacks, while on campus.

“Being even slightly hungry in class can be extremely distracting, and so food can help with energy and being more focused,” Muse said.


Classrooms are becoming more technologically advanced; pen and paper are being traded for keyboards and LED screens. As assignments become more digital, notebooks and binders and exchanged for laptops and tablets.

Beckstrom said he always has his laptop in his bag or out in class because professors are migrating toward online notes, and most professors have the lecture slides available for students to download off Canvas.

“Having my laptop makes it easier to organize notes,” Beckstrom said. “[Laptops] are becoming more and more needed in college.”

Phone and phone charger

Although laptops are important to have in class, cell phones have become an integral part of almost every college student’s day. However, a phone has almost no benefit when it reaches zero percent.

Smith said she keeps her phone and phone charger with her while on campus because she needs to be able to count on a charged device in case of emergencies. She also likes to stay up to date with the Dixie State University social media accounts, she said.

“It’s nice to have the [Dixie Life Instagram] or snapchat so you can see all the activities going on,” Smith said.

Muse said she keeps her phone fully charged to keep her favorite music at her fingertips.

“It’s nice to listen to music walking to classes and destress a little,” Muse said.