DSU Athletes show support for community involvement

Photo by Madison Anderson.

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For Dixie State University athletes it’s all about “active learning, active life” and being an active part of the community.

During the month of October, players from many of DSU’s athletic teams participated in various events in the St. George community. Several teams helped in the organization and volunteering during events such as the St. George marathon, the Mayors walk, and Special Olympics.

“We get to help with the Mayors Walk every year,” saidJames Borzone, a sophomore pitcher from Vancouver, Washington. “We mostly just direct people on where to go and help out with whatever we can.”

Borzone said it was a really rewarding experience because just being there and being a part of something in the community is huge. The baseball and volleyball teams also spent time at various elementary schools hanging out with the students. Borzone said they work to show young kids the importance of higher education, hard work, and dedication.

“It’s awesome to see all of our athletes coming out because it lets the community know we are there to help them and support them, especially because we are so lucky to have them support us,” Borzone said.

Shonie Christensen, a member of the board of directors for the DOVE Center, said she has been lucky to work with athletes from DSU.

“I got in contact with the [DSU] baseball team a few years ago when we were working on getting volunteers to help with some community events,” Christensen said. “ They basically told me ‘We’re here, what can we do to help?’ and we have used them for the Mayors Walk every year since and I know if I need volunteers, our athletes are always willing to help out.”

DSU has more community events coming up with the week of homecoming. The annual trunk or treat was held on Oct. 29. Athletes from every team came dressed in costumes and passed out candy to community members. Proceeds from the event are set to go towards the Make-a-Wish-Foundation.

“The trunk or treat with the athletes is something my kids look forward to every year,” Sarah Johnsons, a member of the St. George community, said. “It’s so cool for the kids to get to hang out with the teams because to these kids, college athletes are the closest thing to super heroes.”

Johnsons said she appreciates all the athletes do for the community because it creates positive role models for her children to look up to. 

“These athletes are the ones people in the community look up to, so seeing them involved and helping out makes all of us want to help out too,” Johnsons said. “It’s more than just football or baseball or basketball. We are all a part of something bigger.”