FeelLove Coffee offers unique hideaway to St. George

Photo by Madison Anderson.

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FeelLove Coffee is the newest coffee shop in town. Walking in, you are transported to another place; from the sparkling chandeliers to the tiled mural on the floor and colorful pillows scattered along the wooden benches, it does not feel like any other place in St. George.

Lisa and Jasher FeelLove, the owners of FeelLove Coffee, opened this shop on March 23 and had it built as an extension of their Be Hot Yoga studio.

What makes this coffee shop stand out from the others in town is the variety of organic coffees offered, the magnificent decor, and the European vibe that orbits through the shop, which is shaped by Jasher FeelLove’s European background.

“Our goal is to create a space that people love to be and work [in] and express their love and joy for coffee,” Jasher FeelLove said. “And also [a place that] people can enjoy a good cup of coffee.”

Their mission statement is “magic in every cup.” It is part of their logo and printed on every cup, even the aprons they wear. They also include a Latin phrase, nunc videmus lucem, which means “now we see the light.”

First-time customer Nicole Tanner said it’s the perfect place to take a break from a hectic schedule and have a peaceful space to get work done.

“It’s beautiful here and [it has] a good vibe and the best coffee I’ve ever had,” Tanner said. “There are not many places like this in St. George, so it’s great.”

The FeelLoves came up with the idea for the shop because they wanted to expand in another field they are interested in: coffee. Jasher FeelLove said their shop was built from his obsession and love for coffee. He said he was always looking for the perfect coffee, and rather than continuing to search for it, they decided to make it themselves.

They are also open to any special order or request; they will make any drink exactly the way a customer wants it.

The FeelLoves said they love coffee culture and have a unique perspective of what that means to them. Their idea of coffee culture is influenced by a European style.

Jasher FeelLove said they obsessed over every detail, making it as identical to a European coffee cafe as they could. The espresso machine is from Europe, the beans they use are imported from Italy, they offer cake by the slice, sell teas, the coffee is organic, which consists of gluten free, special extract not containing syrup, organic honey, and organic milk. Everything they make their coffee with is fresh, making it healthier and even creamier. This is what sets their shop apart from others in St. George, Lisa FeelLove said.

Jordon Robison, a barista at FeelLove, said the awesome environment and the owners’ passion about their shop drew her to the shop. It’s a whole new vibe other coffee shops don’t have, Robison said.

“The most unique thing is the way we do things here: the extracts that we use, the coffee beans that we use, everything,” Robison said. “[We use] the best possible sources.”

Lisa FeelLove said they incorporated Europe into the design as well; the European feel has been created from the ceiling to the floor to the murals and the lighting.

“That’s the idea, that someone comes here and they go to a different place,” Lisa FeelLove said. “[We wanted to] bring something back that we experience in Europe, and just share that with our community here.”

The FeelLoves have plans to keep improving their service, which includes live music nights, coffee delivery, curbside pickup and maybe staying open later than 10 p.m.

Lisa FeelLove said they want customers to have that “feel love” experience where they feel the love in everything they do, which they did a perfect job conveying to their customers.

Patryck Engen, a customer at FeelLove, said “I can tell a lot of love went into creating this coffee shop.”

Engen said the owners orchestrated a great vibe into their shop. Everything about it is unique: the vibe, decorations, music and the fact that it’s connected to a yoga studio. All these aspects make the shop more personal than traditional coffee shops such as Beans & Brews or Starbucks, he said.

“What made me come here was the name ‘FeelLove,’” Engen said. “To me this is somewhat new, [which is something] St. George desperately needed.”

FeelLove Coffee is open Monday-Saturday 6 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m.-7 p.m., located at 558 E. Riverside Dr. 84790. DSU and SUU students can buy a 24-ounce coffee for $1 with their student I.D. If you would be interested in working here, email your resume to [email protected] and include an introduction about yourself.