Fall brings beautiful colors, cool breeze, Halloween spirit

Many Dixie students thrive in the fall season. From pumpkins to the smell of spices, fall can be enjoyable to all. Even in the St. George sun, everyone looks forward to fall. Photo by Madison Boyd.

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By: Lindsey Grenowich

It was a long, hot summer here in St. George awaiting the crisp fall season that is filled with plenty of spooky fall things to do right here in St. George.

Many of us share the same love of fall for the changing of the leaves, cooler weather, the pumpkins and all that spice. Fall brings a sense of sweater weather, sweet drinks, musky scents and warm meals. 

Everyone has their personal favorite parts of every season, but Academic Adviser Allie White said the fall is a special season for her.

“I love going up into the mountains and seeing how pretty that is and just appreciating the beauty of the season,” White said

St. George is known to be the desert of Utah, but in the fall, the leaves lay on the ground and cover the red desert sand disguising the dry climate, allowing people to slip into the comforts of fall. 

Kade Archibald, a freshman finance major from Logan, said, “T-shirt and shorts is very St. George during the whole year.”

Fall is something different here; the whole town becomes a part of the Halloween spirit, Archibald said.

With Halloween right around the corner, DSU is preparing for one of the school’s biggest events on campus: the Chaos Dance. Students will join together for a party in the Kenneth N. Gardner Student Center and will end with the heading out to the O.C. Tanner Fountain for the university’s long-running tradition of becoming a True Trailblazer by kissing someone under the fountain at midnight.

Jenna Beatty, a freshman general studies major from Lehi, said she has never been to the dance before but is looking forward to it.

“I am planning on dressing up with my roommates,” Betty said. “I haven’t decided if I will participate in True Trailblazer.”

There are also plenty of fun and festive activities to do around town this time of year. 

“This year I am going to Staheli Farm Field of Screams,” said Colin O’Grady, a junior psychology major from San Diego. “As a college student, I like to do something that is free. In St. George I like to go to the secret garden.”

During the month of October, The Red Hills Desert Garden hosts an annual event called the Scarecrow Walk and Haunted Canyon. Local groups and shops decorate scarecrows that line the trails of The Red Hills Desert Garden. The haunted canyon is also decorated with skeletons, spiders and other spooky things. It is open for the public to walk through and view until Oct. 31.

Staheli Family Farm is a local family farm that puts on several different Halloween events and attractions including Field of Screams, Family Farm Dance Nights, Giant Pumpkin Drop, Witches Night Out, Corn Maze, Spring Zombie Rampage and much more.

At around $10 per person, depending on the attraction, it is an affordable spooky choice for the Halloween season.

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