Sloth Cookies storms onto cookie scene

Sloth Cookies is a brand new cookie shop opening on Nov. 23. A few specialty flavors include white chocolate, coconut and macadamia. Photo courtesy of the Stott family.

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By: Walt Benda

Walking through the front doors of the soon-to-be-open cookie shop, Sloth Cookies, you’re instantly met with the smell of warm sugars, sweet morsels and freshly baked cookies.

Logan Stott, former DSU student and co-owner of Sloth Cookies, said he and his family are preparing for the grand opening by making sure everything is sanitized and functioning and everyone is certified.

Logan Stott said his family has lived in the St. George area for over 20 years and has been baking his “secret Stott recipe” for as long as he can remember. What was originally going to be “Stott Cookies,” named after the family, was quickly converted to “Sloth Cookies” after having the logo drafted on a dry-erase board and being shown a funny video about sloths.

“We all love sloths here,” Logan said. “It’s kind of our family spirit-animal, so it just made sense.”

Co-owner of Sloth Cookies Dale Stott said his inspiration for the business was planted after high school while training as a baker under Wally Amos, founder of The Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie store. Continuing on to become an anesthesiologist and pain specialist, Dale Stott pursued his baking hobby by baking cookies for his hospital staff and family. 

Dale Stott said he understands the competitive environment of the cookie baking business, but said their cookies are set apart from others by their meticulously handmade, gourmet cookie recipes.

“We all love sloths here. It’s kind of our family spirit-animal, so it just made sense.”

Co-owner of Sloth cookies logan stott

“We use absolutely no cookie or cake mixes,” Dale Stott said. “We only use premium ingredients, and offer a lot of cookies with nut options such as pecans [and] coconuts.”

Dale Stott said their cookies are smaller, which allows you to enjoy one or two without feeling sluggish or sick. Offering delivery services throughout their hours of operation, Dale Stott said Sloth Cookies is in-tune with the demographics in this area.

The Stott family said their biggest challenge has been simply learning the self-taught CEO role.

“We’ve never opened a bakery before,” Logan Stott said. “We’ve worked in one, but never opened one; it’s been a lot of fun.”

Manager Kaetlyn Nerdin said she was instantly drawn to the logo and branding of the shop. While driving by, she said she was inspired to ask for an employment opportunity. Nerdin said she loves the fact that all of the cookies are homemade and composed of premium ingredients.

“We’ll be offering five signature cookies right now that will permanently be on our menu with the occasional specialty cookie here and there,” Logan Stott said.

A few of the cookie flavors are white chocolate, coconut and macadamia nut, Logan Stott said. Prices start at $2 per cookie ranging up to $18 per dozen cookies.

You can show your support for the grand opening of Sloth Cookies on Nov. 23 at 2 p.m. 

Sloth Cookies is located at 1091 N. Bluff St. It will be open Sunday-Friday from 4 p.m. – midnight and Saturday from noon – midnight.