Valentine’s Day hacks on a budget

A date jar is simple but also a really sweet and inexpensive gift for Valentine’s Day. You can also switch it up into a compliment jar; you just need a little bit of creativity and this can be the perfect gift for anyone. Photo by Nickelle Blanton.

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  Valentine’s Day can be expensive, but showing your love for others doesn’t have to break your bank.

  When it comes to date nights and gifts on Valentine’s Day, the moment should be special and memorable. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day filled with boring and cliché date and gift ideas.

  When it comes to Valentine’s Day hacks, it’s the experience that matters, said Megan Benn, a sophomore biology major from Lompoc, California.

  Benn said, “The whole point of [Valentine’s Day] is that you’re with your loved one and you’re expressing your love to your loved one.”

  If you’re someone who likes planning ahead, you can make a personalized box that’s filled with a year-long supply of date ideas. You can get creative and make a box full of dates catered to you and your significant other. With this hack, you’ll be able to have a date ready to go instead of debate over what you should do.

“The whole point of [Valentine’s Day] is that you’re with your loved one and you’re expressing your love to your loved one.”

Megan Benn, sophomore biology major

  An affordable hack similar to dates in a box is an ice cream sundae in a box. While it may sound weird at first, this hack is easily affordable for college students and provides you with a means of making some tasty treats.

  All you need is a shoebox to decorate. Once you have your box decorated, add your desired toppings and syrups. You can add an even more personalized touch with personalized bowls for your ice cream. Personalize the bowls through various types of paints, ribbons and stickers. With your personalized bowls done, add them to the box for the final product.

  Another affordable hack is something as simple as some arts and crafts. You can get a giant woodblock letter of your significant other’s first name and print out photos of you and them together. This would make for great dorm décor and it’s affordable for college students on a budget.

  If your significant other is into jewelry, you may want to look into creating a customized inspirational bracelet. With this gift, you have the ability to personalize your message through websites such as Etsy. Marzena Narewska, owner of AtelierWhiteMouse, makes customized bracelets at an affordable price ranging from $18-$24. Narewska gives the option of how many characters are being engraved in the bracelet as well as a color option ranging from gold, silver or rose gold.

  While Valentine’s Day offers affordable hacks, Lexi Beck, a freshman exercise science major from Orem, said she doesn’t mind spending a little extra money for the perfect date or gift. Beck said she tries not to spend money leading up to Valentine’s Day.

  Beck said, “You save up so on Valentine’s Day you can splurge.”

  Fiesta Fun, located at 171 E. 1160 S., also offers an affordable date night experience. From laser tag to mini go-cart racing, Fiesta Fun offers a variety of active date night experiences.

  While you can go to Fiesta Fun as a couple, it’s also a place you can go on Valentine’s Day as friends. Kyra Chambers, a sophomore communication studies major from Tooele, said you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy a fun night out, you can always have fun with friends.

  Chambers said, “I feel like it doesn’t even matter so long as you have a good time with the person [or people].”

  If Fiesta Fun isn’t your cup of tea, then you can slow things down and enjoy a stroll through Red Hills Desert Garden. You and your date can enjoy the landscaped desert hills under the stars. Red Hills Desert Garden is located at 357 Red Hills Parkway, and admission is free.

  While these are only a few affordable hacks for Valentine’s Day, there are endless options on the internet; who knows, you may just start a new Valentine’s Day tradition.