DSU’s stadiums: Ranking sports facilities

DSU needs to improve or upgrade select stadiums, but others have become fan favorites for the Trailblazers, Brock Doman says. He breaks down the stadiums and what they each have to offer. Photos by Tianna Major and Breanna Biorato.

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DSU is in its inaugural Division I season and fans from all around the nation will be here on campus watching the Trailblazers compete. As fans enjoy the beautiful city of St. George, and are hopeful that COVID-19 won’t prevent them from enjoying the sporting venues DSU has to offer, we rank the best sports venues for the Trailblazers.

Below are the venues DSU athletics has to offer, ranked from the venue that needs the most improvement to the crown jewel of them all.

5. Karl Brooks Field

Karl Brooks Field does not offer much for softball fans. Five sets of bleachers, two dugouts and a square building used as a press box are just about everything this venue has. The palm trees backing the outfield wall bring a sense of paradise to the stadium, but the scoreboard is fairly small and difficult to see in the sun.

All is not lost for Karl Brooks Field, as the softball team continues to have great seasons regardless of the venue they play in. Director of Development Kent Beazer said there are plans to renovate Karl Brooks field in the future.

4. Greater Zion Stadium

Home to both soccer teams, the football team and the track and field team, the newly named Greater Zion Stadium has some work to be done. The renovations are currently in place to update the West grandstand and jumbotron.

Renovations are just around the corner for the West grandstand including air conditioning in the press boxes and new locker rooms, which will move the fans’ experience up much higher in the rankings once the renovations are complete.

The West grandstand, formerly known as Hansen stadium, is the reason this venue is lower down on the list. With no shaded seating areas and only two sections with backs on the seats, the experience at Greater Zion Stadium is not the greatest.

The addition of the East grandstand helped the fan experience because of the additional 4,000 bleacher seats. These stands also provide shade higher up in the stadium, providing an escape from the sun during warmer game days. The facilities are nicer, newer and all around better than the other side of the stadium.

3. Human Performance Center

Construction was finished on the HPC in 2019, creating an all new environment for the Trailblazers’ swimming program. Holding a 50-meter Olympic-sized pool, a big screen to show times and commercial advertisements, plenty of seating, and glass windows overlooking the DSU campus, this venue is among the greatest for collegiate swimming.

The venue just feels elite as you enter the HPC. The fan experience feels like a real deal, top of the line venue and one can easily tell it is among the best in the nation. The big, bright Trailblazer logo on the north end of the pool, red seats accentuating DSU’s colors, and visually pleasing surroundings are all reasons why this facility is superb. If you haven’t been to the HPC yet, definitely stop by the venue to see this newly updated stadium.

2. Bruce Hurst Field

Since 1994, Bruce Hurst Field has been home to the Trailblazers’ baseball
program, but the age of this venue doesn’t hold back how great and functional it is. The spring months in St. George are on the warmer side, but this isn’t a problem if you are looking to enjoy spring baseball. Bruce Hurst Field is often shaded during evening games, and for games that are played in the day, the misters along the top of the stands are on to allow the fans a better, cooler environment. Trees surround the stadium, creating a beautiful view to kick back and enjoy a Trailblazer baseball game.

1. M. Anthony Burns Arena

The atmosphere in the Burns Arena is hard to beat. The volleyball team is moving its games to the Burns Arena for the upcoming season, as it allows for greater capacity than the previous venue in the Student Activity Center. Big screens, better seating and an overall better venue are ahead for the volleyball team.

The seating capacity of just under 5,000 provides an opportunity for a jam-packed, loud and rocking arena whenever the Trailblazers are competing. With the recent renovations, the new court and jumbotrons are a bonus. Even though most fans are on their feet during competition, the whole stadium has seats with backs on them as opposed to bleachers. This provides comfort and allows for the seniors in the community to enjoy the games comfortably.

The concessions, restrooms and team store are all accessible and can be found close to your seat, making it a quick trip when you have to miss some action.