DSN recaps major university news from fall 2020 semester

It has been a different college experience at Dixie State University this fall. The Dixie Sun News was able to continue covering important news happening at DSU. Photo by Misha Mosiichuk.

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As the fall 2020 semester wraps up, now is the time for students at Dixie State University to look back on the eventful semester.

Here is a highlight of the top stories the Dixie Sun News brought to DSU this semester:


It’s hard to find a news article anywhere in 2020 without COVID-19 being the main topic. The worldwide pandemic torched other news stories and became the primary focus of this semester.

DSU’s plans to combat COVID-19 included integrating Zoom classes, creating smaller class sizes, and encouraging students to social distance and wear a mask. Since then, the total cases in Utah continue to climb drastically, and plans have been updated to now offering students bi-weekly testing.

These changes are historical for DSU as the university continues navigating through unprecedented times. As all are attempting to slow the spread, students won’t be forgetting this time in their life anytime soon.


DSU sports had limited competition against other universities this fall, poising this semester to be unlike any others in history. Since fall sports were pushed back because of COVID-19, the Trailblazers had to adjust their game plans to prepare for spring seasons. While there was limited action going for the fall, DSN offered readers player profiles, community service spotlights, and tips and tricks on how to avoid injuries during training. With the return of the spring semester just around the corner, sports fans can be hopeful for DSU athletes to compete once again. The postponed seasons affected factors like DSU Athletics’ finances, scheduling and more.


The fall 2020 semester presented a variety of opinions from the staff members. The 2020 presidential campaigns, Black Lives Matter protests, and the potential name change of the university were all major topics addressed in the opinion section featured throughout the semester.

The presidential campaign and the protests raging all across the nation have the potential to influence the nation even more. The protests following the death of George Floyd are insurmountable as cities all around the nation fight for civil justice.

DSU potentially changing its name also has a major impact on the university moving forward. Rebranding is no small task for a Division I university, but DSU is doing research to ensure it proceeds correctly going forward.

The DSN staff does its best to make sure all voices are heard. Letters to the editor and ideas from voices outside the DSN staff are encouraged to ensure students’ voices are heard.


Part of the plan for DSU to combat the COVID-19 virus was to create a hybrid schedule for select classes. Zoom was used for students feeling under the weather, unable to attend class, or to limit the number of students in a classroom at a time; however, it was found that it actually spiked students’ anxiety levels.

Since Zoom may have potentially increased anxiety levels, DSN also offered ways to cope with the stresses college students may endure throughout their college experience, along with the best ways for students to stay organized.