Freshman guide: Tips for great first year

The Booth Wellness center is a one of many great resources for freshman new to campus. Photo by Emily Wight.

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As a new school year begins at Dixie State University, it is expected that first-year freshmen will get lost, confused or feel overwhelmed at some point this semester. Here are five tips and tricks to help, not only the incoming freshmen class but also those who have already attended Dixie State University.

Slow Down

Rachel Stewart, associate academic adviser for College of Health Sciences, said it is good to take your time. Stewart said when she was in school she finished quickly and wished she was more involved in what her school had to offer.

“It’s good to take electives, it’s good to explore things, it’s good to take those extra classes, and it’s not a race,” Stewart said.

Stewart said going to sports events, joining clubs, and being part of student government are a few examples to be more involved at school.

DSU offers courses such as Paddleboard Yoga, Zumba, and Fitness Dancing. These classes are to help ease the load during busy semesters, so students should take one or two if it sounds fun to add to their day.

Manage Your Time

Alumna Madi Wawrzyniak said a planner is her best tip for all students.

“A planner or something equivalent is the best way to stay organized and on top of your classes,” Wawrzyniak said. “Create a habit to write in it each weekend with the assignments for the week and check it daily.”

Writing down tasks and checking them off can help keep you on track. For example, a planner will help to ensure that your assignments are turned in on time by keeping track of due dates.

Take Advantage of Free Resources

Reece Hartman, a junior nursing major from Las Vegas, said the university has free resources that can help with any problem a student will face.

When asked which resource is the best for freshman, Hartman said, “I would say all resources are the best.”

The Academic Performance Center, the Booth Wellness Center, the Writing Center, the Tutoring Center, and the eLAB are locations on campus that help students academically and with personal matters.

Get a Peer Coach

Peer coaches help incoming freshmen, but anyone can go to them. Each freshman starts out their first year in a Trailblazers Connections class, and they all have a peer coach assigned to them.

Hartman, who is a peer coach, said: “We are called your professional friends for a reason. We can help to walk you places and get you where you need to go. We would love to help you out.”

Peer coaches are meant to help with both academic matters and personal matters. They are trained to help lead students in the right direction.

Booth Wellness Center

Staffed with licensed professionals, the Booth Wellness Center has been highly recommended by many people on campus. By utilizing the Booth Wellness Center, you will be assisted in your efforts to work hard.

Stewart said: “The [resource] that pops out to me is probably the Booth Wellness Center because it’s underutilized and it’s probably the most needed. They can help you with home sickness, they can help you with time management, they can help you with pretty much anything. If [freshmen] can tap into that resource I feel like they will be well on their way.”

The Booth Wellness Center helps students with mental health as well as physical health. They also provide health education and prevention services such as suicide prevention, stress management and general wellness.

Instead of feeling lost, confused or scared this semester, take advantage of the resources and services offered on campus. DSU has provided these for your use so you can go through freshman year strong.