HPC guide: What the HPC has to offer

Anton Meyor, a freshman microbiology major from Spanish fork, uses the Rowing machine in the HPC. The first floor of the building is where cardio equipment, free weights and workout machines are located. Photo by Kristi Shields.

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One of the newest buildings on campus is the Human Performance Center, a building with numerous opportunities to explore.

The building is split in the middle and each side serves a different purpose. One side is the academic side where classes are held and faculty or staff offices are located. The other side is completely for student recreation.

Student gym

Four floors of equipment, workout space and weights are at students’ disposal for their exercise needs.

The underground level is where students, faculty and staff can access the Olympic-sized pool and the day-use lockers. The 65-foot climbing wall entrance is also located on this level.

Level one has cardio equipment, free weights and workout machines. This is the floor the B-Fruity Café is located as well as the elevators to go to the academic side of the HPC.

Level two has basketball courts, a MAC court used for a variety of sports, and cardio areas with workout machines. The fitness center houses mainly weight equipment such as squat and bench racks, curl racks, dumbbells and more.

Level three has multi-purpose rooms, a spin area and an indoor track. Multi-purpose rooms are available for any student to use as long as there isn’t a class being held at that time. Group fitness classes through campus recreation are held in these rooms as well.

Level four is the rooftop which includes pickleball, basketball and an outdoor track. The Will Hill is located between levels three and four and is a 40-degree incline sprint track.

“Ultimately, it allowed for more events and a larger number of students with the added indoor space,” Campus Recreation Director David Howell said.

Olympic-sized pool

There are many uses of the pool at the HPC which include classes, recreation, club use, and team use.

There are five classes available to take at the pool: Aquafitness, beginning swimming, intermediate swimming, paddleboard yoga and lifeguard classes.

Equipment used in swimming, aerobics and paddleboard classes can always be used by students for recreation use. They also have Crossnet, Spikeball, and obstacle courses for student use.

Aquatics Coordinator Shayne Young said, “The equipment is here for them just ask the lifeguards and they will get it for you.”

There are two clubs that use the HPC swimming pool, the water polo club and the triathlon club. The swimming pool is also home to the women’s swim team.

B-Fruity at Grazers

Located on the first floor of the HPC is the B-Fruity at Glazers Café that serves acai bowls, smoothies, parfaits, protein shakes and crepes.

Group fitness classes

The group classes are put together by Campus Recreation. They offer over 10 different classes that are all held in the HPC, which include high fit, spin, HIIT, kickboxing, stretch, yoga, Zumba, and more.

“They are great opportunities for individuals to meet new people, get introduced to a new type of exercise in a guided atmosphere and create a sense of community on campus,” Howell said.

There is a schedule on the Campus Recreation website where the days and times of each class are shown. The classes are available for walk-in by any student, faculty and staff.

HPC website

Since the HPC is a popular location on campus, it can be busy at certain times in the day. The website has a traffic monitor that is helpful to know when the HPC is busy so students are aware.

To see what the HPC has to offer, you can sign up for a tour guided by the HPC staff.

On the HPC website, you can check out the FAQS section where frequently asked questions are answered.

Roger Watson, HPC marketing and building operations manager, said, “The HPC is something that is good for academics, campus recreations, students, all the different student operations and the swim team.”