Students can still celebrate Thanksgiving away from home

A popular activity among college students around the holiday season is Friendsgiving. If you are not going home for Thanksgiving, there are some easy recipes that won’t break the bank. Photo by Misha Mosiichuk.

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Not every student heads to their hometown for Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give thanks from your own dorm room.

Students who aren’t able to return home for Thanksgiving still have the ability to create their favorite foods and traditions of the holiday. The reasons for staying at school during Thanksgiving vary from student to student, whether a student has to work over the break or family is too far away.

Watching your favorite movies, holiday movies or seeing a new movie in the theaters are relaxing activities for Thanksgiving.

Sean Gray, a sophomore accounting major from Kanab, said, “I am going to watch some TV and maybe decorate for the holidays.”

Other activity ideas are serving the community or hosting a Friendsgiving. The easiest way to plan a Friendsgiving is by asking each friend who attends to bring their favorite Thanksgiving food.

Haili Lino, a freshman general studies major from Herriman, said, “Although it’s not the same as being with your family, surrounding yourself with friends that you’re thankful for is fun and sentimental.”

This Thanksgiving will be the second Thanksgiving that Ivette Balboa, a sophomore pre-nursing major from Kailua, Hawaii, will be attending a Friendsgiving.

“A lot of our friends are staying down so we are all going to make a whole bunch of food and watch movies,” Balboa said. “Last time we did it at the Campus View Suites community kitchen and it worked really well.”

When searching for recipes, ease and affordability are important for college students. Here are five recipes you can easily make in your dorm room:

Air Fryer Stuffing

The traditional Thanksgiving side of stuffing is a blend of bread, veggies and flavor.

Students in dorms who don’t have easy access to an oven or stovetop have resorted to an air fryer for meals. This recipe is partly on the stovetop and partly in the air fryer which makes for a great option for students.

Air fryer Turkey

Once again with Thanksgiving in the air-fryer, this recipe shows you how to easily make a turkey in the air fryer.

This recipe works with either boneless turkey breast or bone-in turkey breast. The easier option for college students would be the boneless turkey breast option.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

A dessert for this Thanksgiving season would be a chocolate chip pumpkin bread recipe.

This recipe requires an oven but is easy and festive to go along with the autumn season. A tip for keeping the bread long-lasting is to save half of it in the freezer. When you want to eat it, pull it out, cut off a slice and heat it up in the microwave or toaster.

Air Fryer Apple Pie Roll-ups

This air fryer recipe is a play off of the traditional apple pie. With only five ingredients, this recipe is a great option to bring to Friendsgiving.

This recipe is easy and quick with a total cook and prep time of 20 minutes.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Pie Soup

After Thanksgiving, leftovers can be whipped up into one soup. This recipe is even easier right after Thanksgiving since all the ingredients can be thrown into a pot.

It is a slow cooker recipe that takes about four hours on the stove. The prep time is only 15 minutes.

For more recipes to fit your specific interests and situations visit Pinterest.