Athlete of the Month award: demonstrates leadership skills

Emily Isaacson, a redshirt sophomore and general studies major from Perry continues to blow away the competition and lead her team to victory as the December athlete of the month taking down Seattle University 75-69 on the 15th of January. Photo by Trey Urban.

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Sophomore forward, No. 22, Emily Isaacson, was awarded Athlete of the Month for her demonstration of great leadership skills and athletic abilities.

“I am very honored to be selected as Athlete of the Month, it means a lot to me that my efforts to work hard and improve myself are showing both on and off the court which is all that I could ask for,” said Emily Isaacson, a sophomore general studies major from Perry.

Isaacson had the opportunity to play eight games her first year before missing the rest of her season due to injury. She ended her short season with an average of 4.8 points and 6.5 rebounds per game.

Isaacson recovered from her previous injuries her first year, and was able to come back and begin playing her second year on Dixie State University’s Women’s Basketball Team.

Live, love, basketball

Isaacson’s passion for basketball started when she was young. She said basketball has always been part of her life.

Isaacson said, “My dad played collegiate basketball and has a huge love for the game, so he would take me out in the backyard and shoot hoops.”

This was the start of her passion. She developed her skills at a young age and continuously played the sport as she grew older.

Although she played and participated in many other sports growing up, basketball was the sport she gravitated towards and ended up loving the most.

Isaacson carried her passion throughout her years at Box Elder High School and is still improving her game currently at DSU. One of her biggest motivating factors with being successful in basketball starts with her love for the sport.

“I have a lot of fun playing the sport, and I enjoy all the aspects and challenges that it presents,” Isaacson said. “I love the challenge of being the best I can be and continually bettering myself.”

Breaunna Gillen, a junior biology major from West Jordan has played with Isaacson on the DSU Women’s Basketball team for two years. Gillen has noticed the leadership mentality that Isaacson continues to bring to the team.

“Isaacson leads by example, not instruction,” Gillen said. “She never tells anyone to do something, unless she has already done it herself.”

DSU Women’s Basketball Head Coach, JD Gustin, respects the way Isaacson takes her passion for the sport seriously. Isaacson is a loyal player the coaches and other teammates can count on.

“She deserves the award for the way she represents our department, institution and community,” Gustin said. “She goes above and beyond in her overall work ethic, dedication to her goals and ability to treat others respectfully.”