Utah Tech University students can benefit from taking evening classes

Astronomy class is a night course that is one of the most popular classes to choose from in the evening. Carlie Gillies | Sun News Daily

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Are you an early bird or night owl when it comes to picking your school schedule?

A main factor in choosing between day and night classes is your personal decision of what time of the day you want your class. There are many benefits that come with choosing day or evening classes that Utah Tech University offers.

When setting up your schedule, there are lots of choices to be made. When picking the right classes for your schedule you may consider your major, the professor, day of the week and most importantly the time of day the class is scheduled.

College can be busy for students and picking the right time may be tricky depending on if the class is full or not. Utah Tech University offers many classes throughout the day ranging from 6 a.m to 10 p.m.

Figuring out what kind of student you are may determine if you like evening or night classes more. Being an early bird can lead to taking early morning classes, but a person who tends to stay up late may consider taking evening classes.

Rachel Sessions, a sophomore nursing major from Syracuse, takes a lab class in the evening.

“A night class is beneficial because if your schedule is super full it gives you the opportunity to get the classes you need” Sessions said.

Night classes can help students have more of a flexible schedule. Fitting in the classes in the day may be difficult due to jobs or other extra curricular activities. Night classes can be helpful for students in this situation.

Sessions said signing up for night courses made it easier to pick her schedule with not as many students signing up. She likes learning in the evening because the classroom is less crowded to work and learn in.  If you learn better in a smaller class environment, an evening class can help create a calmer atmosphere. 

“The campus feels relaxed while being on campus in the evening with less students around and not as many distractions,” said Giancarlo Gauto, a junior psychology major from Lake Elsinore, California.

Guato said he feels less anxiety going to school in the evening and likes the break he gets between both his day and night classes. Having a break throughout your day can help you reset your mind between the day and night classes.

“Everyone is a little more relaxed, and it seems less rigid of an environment but still full of students who want to learn,” said Megan Schaugaard, part-time art professor.

Schaugaard teaches both day and night classes. She has more students attend her day time classes; however, some of her students have odd schedules in which the night classes allow them to fit in the classes they need.

Learning can be different for all students. Offering evening and day classes is a way to cater to the learning experiences of each student.

Landon Wily, a marketing major from St. George, said he schedules classes during the day, so he can have time for extracurricular activities and sports.

“When I take day classes I have time to finish homework, go to the gym and get nine hours of sleep to restart my next day of classes”, Wily said.

Sessions and Wily said when they create their schedule, they consider the class time that allows them to get the amount of sleep they need. Getting seven or more hours of sleep is the recommended sleep for 18 years or older. 

The time of your class can be chosen by you and how you want to make your day as productive as it can be. Consider how you like to place your classes based on the time of day. This can help with Utah Tech’s spring registration coming up on Nov. 14.

Before registration opens, you can schedule a meeting through Navigate with your academic adviser in order to get early bird access to registration. This will help you get access to schedule your classes in a less stressful manner before others register.