Where to find the hidden gems at the HPC

Each building on campus has unique features students don’t know about, Human Performance Center is not an exception. Misha Mosiichuk| Sun News Daily

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The Human Performance Center is full of hidden gems that many will want to seek out during their next workout.

The HPC is full of activities, but here are the real hidden gems. Utah Tech University’s HPC has the equipment needed for all types of workouts, group fitness classes, swimming, basketball courts and even a rooftop of courts for pickleball games.

The terrace is located outside of floor two and offers a beautiful lookout at the red rocks. Battle ropes are also located out on the terrace. Battle ropes help with burning fat, building muscle and improving your cardio conditioning.

Holly Hansen, a senior general education major from Auburn, California, is a front desk attendant at the HPC. Hansen loves finding new areas to to do her workouts when going to the HPC.

“The outside terrace right next to the indoor basketball courts has the prettiest view,” Hansen said. 

The terrace can be a quiet space for an outside workout, cool down or a lookout. 

Students may not know but towels are offered for use at the HPC. 

“Many students come and ask me where to find towels at the HPC,” Hansen said. “The towels are located at the front desk and any student can simply come and ask any worker for a big or small towel.”

“In the shelf storage area, there is a basket to put your used towel in after your workout which would be greatly appreciated by the HPC staff,” Hansen said.

The multi-purpose rooms are a great resource for students who want to use equipment and need a large space to workout. 

Alli Tippets, a sophomore elementary education major from Spanish Fork, is another fitness attendant at the HPC.

“The multi-purpose rooms are awesome, and many don’t realize the closets have a lot of great equipment that can create a fun workout,” Tippets said. 

In each of these rooms, this closet holds equipment like yoga mats, weights, ab rollers, bands, weight balls, etc. Everything in this closet is for students to use. 

“I go up to these rooms and make my own circuits with the equipment in the closet,” Tippets said. “Any student has access to these rooms and the equipment.”

In the weight room, there is a front desk that offers a checkout for equipment like weight pads, belts, pickleball paddles and basketballs. This is the place to find most of the equipment to be used on floor two. 

Maycee Haynes, an exercise science major from St. George, works at the front desk of the HPC.

“Something I love about the HPC, that most people don’t take advantage of, is the punching bags,” Haynes said. “There are three punching bags that are right next to the indoor track, so it can easily be mixed into a cardio workout.”

Students will give their D-number to a campus recreational worker at the desk, and they will be able to check out the equipment wanted.

“The campus recreation desk has free gloves to use, so you don’t have to buy your own,” Haynes said. 

All equipment is free to all Utah Tech students whether its in the multi-purpose rooms or at the front desks.

“The rooftop is the highest level in the HPC that offers another amazing view with pickleball courts, basketball courts and a track,” said Hansen. 

The rooftop is a great spot to play games with friends and enjoy a workout outdoors. 

Want to spice up your workout? Lookout for all these HPC hidden gems in your next visit.