Your 2022 holiday gift guide

Students gather around to share gifts that they found for affordable prices. Carlie Gillis | Sun News Daily

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Christmas is around the corner and finding the perfect gift for that special someone is not always easy.

Gifts can be thoughtful no matter the amount of money. With college students on a tight budget, gift ideas can become harder to think of. Whether you are getting a gift for your family or your roommates, there are thoughtful and affordable gifts available.

Summer Evans, a sophomore management major from Havasu, Arizona, loves gifting college necessities to her roommates.

“When making my Christmas wishlist, there are always things included that have something to do with what I need for college along with what my friends always need or want,” Evans said.

There are many trending items that college students are wanting to get others however, they need affordable options for others gifts such as their friends or roommates. A college student’s favorite food may come from  Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s are many college students’ favorite place to shop for groceries and meals. The Trader Joe’s cookbook, “The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook” by Andrea Lynn is a gift idea for those needing meal ideas for their college days.

“A gift that I put on my wishlist and want to get others is “The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook,” Evans said. “My roommate was gifted this book last Christmas from her family and it has great recipe ideas from my favorite grocery store to make.”

This cookbook for college students can be found at Urban OutfittersAmazon, and Target for a price ranging from $14 to $15.

Many stores offer stocking stuffer ideas in the front of their store or the Christmas section. These sections contain little gifts that are usually under $20 or have a price that is specific to that section.

Riley Sexton, a sophomore communication studies major from South Jordan, likes to make gift shopping easy and buy pre-made gift packages at Target.

“When going to buy friends a cheap and affordable gift, I like to go to the Target Christmas aisle,” Sexton said.

This aisle has Christmas-themed gifts that make gift-buying easy. Some options that the Target Christmas section carries for gift ideas include lip balm, body scrubs, hot chocolate mixes and holiday candy.

“Most of the holiday gifts come in pre-packaged holiday wrapping that makes the gift even more special for the holiday season,” Sexton said.

While we want to get special gifts for the special people in our life, including mom and dad, we still need to find something affordable to fit our budget. Cutting boards to make charcuterie boards are a popular gift that many can get for their mothers.

Jordan Anderson, a sophomore management major from South Jordan, found the perfect gift for her mother that was affordable to buy while also showing meaning.

“My mom loves making charcuterie boards and making them personalized for any occasional event or holiday party we have,” Anderson said. “I bought her one this Christmas that was embroidered with our family name on the board.”

Amazon and Etsy offer customized charcuterie boards. This can make for a great gift for mothers and those who love to create charcuterie boards.

Organic or handmade soaps can make for a great and simple gift. Soap is an essential product that anyone and everyone can use. Many small businesses sell handmade soap and Amazon also offers organically made soap bars.

Photo holders not only are a great gift to place photos, but they hold special memories based on what you put in the photo holder.

Spencer Cox, a junior exercise science major from St. George, likes giving photos to loved ones for Christmas.

“The gift that I feel is valuable to those special people in your life and affordable is a photo holder,” Cox said. “There are many different photo holders that can be unique to the style you want to gift the individual.”

This can be gifted with a photo or two to represent and show a memory that would make the gift extra meaningful. Many photo holders can be purchased for an affordable price on Sugar and Cloth, Amazon, and Shein.

Giving a name-brand gift doesn’t always have to be expensive. When looking for affordable things on name-brand websites or in-store, it can be valuable to look at the accessories the brand carries. Most accessories are not too expensive when it involves water bottles, key chains or mini bags.

Lululemon is a great place to get a quality gift when it comes to accessories. This brand can be pricey, but when looking at accessories like their famous belt bag, it can be affordable. The belt bags can range from $30 to $40 with quality material and wear. Many want Lululemon belt bags for their everyday wear and on the go. This bag has a variety of color options and can be gifted to both men and women. This trendy item of the season can be a gift for anyone and everyone while being affordable.