What the future looks like for Utah Tech graduate studies programs

The Zonos room is a newly dedicated space to those in the Master of Accountancy program at Utah Tech University. Sydney Johnson | Sun News Daily

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Utah Tech University is home to four distinct graduate programs, all of which are growing and being expanded upon in exciting new ways.

The accounting program, in partnership with Zonos, recently opened a new classroom in the Udvar-Hazy building for graduate students. The Zonos Business classroom will primarily serve accounting graduate students.

“The accountancy program was the first graduate program on campus, and they’re always expanding,” Samira Hall, manager for curriculum and graduate studies operations, said.

Utah Tech has been expanding its graduate school offerings ever since the accountancy program was approved in 2018 based on the needs of the region. 2019 saw the addition of the Master of Arts in Technical Writing and Digital Rhetoric followed by Marriage and Family Therapy. 2020 then saw the introduction of the Master of Athletic Training.

Emma Lanners, assistant librarian and graduate support, said the university is planning to have a graduate space on 2M in the Holland Centennial Commons. She added that the renovation will also build out space for the Patent and Trademark Resource Center and that they are currently in the preliminary planning stages.

No other details on this graduate space could be shared other than it has been approved by the university. 

Graduate school is much more focused on the individual in a given profession as opposed to undergraduate studies. A master’s degree will prepare students for even more advanced study at a higher level.

Students interested in joining a graduate program can expect:

  • Focused studies in a specific discipline with fewer if any elective choices
  • Rigorous evaluation of your work by professors and peers
  • Work experience through internships, teaching and/or research

When it comes to drawing potential graduate students to Utah Tech, Hall listed many advantages to the university including location, affordability, small class sizes and an engaged faculty.

Hall said, “We have some very specific graduate programs to our region that are already here or are being developed in conjunction with what employers need in our area.”

She added that they have students graduating from the master’s programs at Utah tech almost every semester.

For more information on graduate studies, you can visit the Utah Tech website or reach out to one of the faculty members involved in graduate studies.