Celebrate spring break with a staycation in St. George or your hometown

Cheers to “no classes for a week!” You can make spring break fun anywhere and everywhere with your best friends. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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Not all college students spend spring break on a tropical island laying on the beach all day. It’s not realistic for most of us.

Here are some realistic yet still fun spring break ideas whether you’re staying in St. George or going back to your hometown. 

Movie marathon or read a book

While these two options are on very different ends of the personality spectrum, spring break is the perfect opportunity to have a movie marathon or read a book because of the time away from school. With newly released movies and series to catch up on such as season three of “Outer Banks” or the new Amazon Prime series “Daisy Jones & The Six,” movie and series options are endless.

Spring break is the time to read a book that has been sitting on a shelf all year long. While not everyone loves to read, even reading something as simple as a magazine article or an online story will provide free and interesting entertainment. 

Visit local businesses

Whether in your hometown or here in St. George, there are many small, local businesses where interesting things can be found. In St. George, there are restaurants that no one really considers going to. Blues Katz Rock n Roll Grill restaurant plays live music Friday and Saturday nights. If you love music, movies or anything pop culture, FR3NZY has all types of entertainment souvenirs.

“Some things that are fun are Fiesta Fun or Laser Mania,” said Lauren Yerkes, a freshman general studies major from Rockin, California. “You can go and play golf, laser tag and other stuff like that.” 

Yerkes likes to ride the go karts and race her friends at Fiesta Fun. 

Aizlinn Soledad, a junior psychology major from Ogden, said she will be going to her local climbing gym. 

The Front in Ogden is a climbing gym I’ll be going to,” Soledad said. “There’s a cute little arcade called Fat Cats, and if weather’s nice, camping up in one of the canyons isn’t out of the question.”

Go outside

If you’re going home for spring break, try doing the “touristy” adventures in town. Even if it is a small town, think about what it is known for.

In St. George, there is a plethora of activities to do outside. As students, who are constantly connected to either our phones or any other device because of the consistent flow of schoolwork, spring break is a great chance to disconnect.

Joe Steuber, a freshman individualized studies major from Las Vegas, said he loves exploring all of St. George. St. George is close to several national parks such as Bryce Canyon, Zion and the Grand Canyon

“I would go do outdoor activities such as hiking in Zion or fishing in local ponds,” Steuber said. “Tawa and Skyline ponds are my personal favorites. Since spring is right around the corner, the weather will be perfect to explore the great outdoors.”

In almost every city there are parks to visit, which creates the opportunity to get outside. As Soledad said, northern Utah students have the option of driving to one of many mountains surrounding northern Utah. 

Acts of kindness

While many students will be working during break, many will be sitting at home laying in bed all day. Instead of wasting away a whole week, dedicating one day to do something nice for someone will not only benefit the receiver but the giver as well.

Acts of kindness don’t have to be hours long or involve a lot of money. Walking over to the neighbor’s house and seeing how they are doing is an act of kindness. 

Making your parents or guardians dinner is a pleasant surprise, which one could imagine being greatly appreciated. Picking up garbage around your neighborhood is free and creates a sense of beauty among the community. 

Anything can be an act of kindness, anything at all. Take time to appreciate the people in your life and show them your love. 

Spring break doesn’t have to be a grand, week-long getaway. Whether you’re staying in St. George or going home, there are plenty of worthwhile and exciting activities to do without breaking the bank.