How to deal with a breakup while also being a college student

Simple tips can help manage emotions and maintain student performance even amidst a heartwrenching breakup. Brynlee Wade | Sun News Daily

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Breakups have become a large part of modern relationships and dealing with them can be a difficult task for many.

Here are six tips to help you navigate life after a breakup.

Refocus on self-care

Mental health counselor Brandon Christensen said, “Loss and grief take energy. Eat wisely, drink water and have consistent bed/wake-up times.”

It might be easy to feel like you did something wrong and aren’t worth it after a breakup. However, what makes you valuable and deserving of love has nothing to do with what others think of you. 

Continuing to look after yourself will help you establish a new normal and move on from what your life was like in a relationship.

Live in the present

Accept that worries about the future as well as memories of your relationship will pop into your mind. Once you’ve accepted that, you can observe your thought patterns and redirect energy into living today.

Try to think of things and people you appreciate in your life and focus on them. 

Seek out social connections

Christensen said, “Be intentional about being with healthy people, especially during a time you are more vulnerable to negative thoughts.”

Surrounding yourself with people that care about you can remind you of your own self-worth and help you realize that you aren’t reliant on your ex. It can also serve as a healthy distraction when you struggle to think about anything else.

Don’t seek a new romantic relationship quickly

“A relationship rebound is an understandable but an unhealthy response to a terminated relationship,” Christensen said. “Lean on friends and family until your balanced, healthy self returns and can attract a balanced, healthy partner.”

Because you may be in an emotionally unhealthy state after a breakup, you are more likely to attract an unhealthy relationship. On average, 90% of rebound relationships fail within the first month. 

Don’t intensify negative emotions

Looking at pictures, listening to songs you both enjoyed and prolonged trips down memory lane can become self-inflicted, emotional harm. 

Get a box, put everything that reminds you of that person into it and then get rid of the box or place it out of sight. Clearing out memories can help you move on and process the experience in a healthier way. 

Don’t emphasize your own imperfections

Commit to kindness in your words to others about yourself as well as your former partner. 

Blaming yourself after a breakup will only serve to damage your self-esteem and prevent you from caring about yourself. 

Additionally, holding hatred toward your ex can take a lot of energy, not leaving you any energy to process the breakup and move on. 

Danica Schombs, a sophomore exercise science major from Eagle Mountain, said, “A big thing to remember after a breakup is that happiness can be found within yourself and shouldn’t be based on one person.”

Breakups are emotionally demanding, but the person for you is out there. Live a life that will attract a healthy person that brings out the best in you.

If you would like help navigating through a difficult process such as a breakup or any other difficulties, contact the Booth Wellness Center at 435-652-7755.