Here’s how you can prepare for finals

Utilizing study rooms in the Holland building will help you stay focused and have a quiet space to prepare for finals. Lindsey Cozad | Sun News Daily

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Finals week is almost here which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for many Utah Tech University students.

This stress and anxiety comes from the pressure students feel due to future grades and potential job prospects relying on their exams. Here are five ways students can overcome that pressure and conquer finals week.

Get enough sleep

Many students opt to spend a large portion of the night before an exam studying instead of sleeping. Although studying a lot can help you take in more information, sleepfoundation.org says it is simply not worth it at the expense of a good night’s rest. 

According to the website, students who sleep better get better grades, better recall, an increase in mood and improved mental health. This in turn can lead students to be more energized and ready to take a test as they will be in a healthier mental state.

Additionally, sleeping well the night before is not enough. In order to get the full benefits a healthy sleep schedule can offer, students need to get a recommended seven to nine hours of sleep a night for at least a week before taking a test.

Avoid last-minute cramming

Debbie Bartlett, assistant director of the student testing center, said the most critical part of testing is to avoid procrastination. 

Procrastination will lead to a lot of students’ time being spent on things less important than finals. Time spent procrastinating could be time spent studying. This will then force students to cram all of their studying in at the very last minute and could cause a lack of sleep or an increase in stress. 

Bartlett added showing up to the testing center last minute will add unneeded stress as well because students run into the possibility of a long line that may shorten their test-taking time. 

Utilize campus resources

“I think one of the best and most underutilized resources on campus is the study halls,” said Nicholas Theis, academic advisor for general education. “These include the academic performance center, writing center, student success center, Hazy tutoring and math e-lab.”

Theis said each resource is unique and provides a collaborative and supportive environment to study and obtain free tutoring services. To learn more about tutoring and student support on campus, visit https://tutoring.utahtech.edu/.

Stay organized

Staying organized around finals weeks can help minimize stress and prevent students from being overwhelmed. 

There are many different strategies and tools to help students stay organized. One of the most effective strategies is to find a specific time and place to study. This could be a study room, the library or a quiet and distraction-free part of a student’s apartment. 

Another good way to stay organized is to use a planner. In a planner students can write out all of the classes they have to study for and when they’re going to study. This will help them not only remember to get everything done but assure that they give themselves enough time to do everything. 

Take breaks

It is easy for students to get burnt out while studying for and taking tests. It’s a lot of work that can cause even the most relaxed students to feel overwhelmed. That’s why taking breaks is so vital to getting through finals. 

Just like our smartphones, our brains need to recharge after prolonged periods of use. Doing so can help productivity increase contrary to what many people believe. The most effective breaks can help reduce stress levels and increase concentration when students return to studying. 

Finals week can be stressful, but by following all of these tips it might be a little bit better. So next time you find yourself overwhelmed, just remember to get enough sleep, avoid last-minute cramming, utilize campus resources, stay organized and take plenty of breaks.