Southern Parkway Archaeological Dig Uncovers Rare Discovery

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Archaeologists in Southern Utah recently discovered five new Virgin Anasazi habitations along the Southern Parkway Corridor. 

For the last few months archaeologists have been working at a site near the future Washington Dam Road Interchange, along the Southern Parkway. The fieldwork portion of the archaeological work is concluding, and the cooperating agencies involved, including UDOT, and William Self Associates are excited with the work that has been conducted, and the results that have been uncovered. 

One of the discovered dwellings dates back to the basket-maker two period of time, and could have been built as many as 2,000 years ago. 

Throughout the planning and engineering of the Southern Parkway, UDOT officials have been aware of the environmental and historical impacts the route could impact. “Due to the high number and nature of sensitive sites in the area, UDOT realigned a portion of the Southern Parkway five times to avoid major sites,” said Eric Hansen, UDOT Dixie Division Environmental Specialist. 

The archaeological team, consisting of as many as 30 members, has been working on the site since April and are nearing completion of the fieldwork. Phases 3A and 4A of the Southern Parkway are set to begin construction as early as this fall. 

The Southern Parkway Project has been in the works since the late 1990’s. The Southern Parkway is a multiple phase roadway connecting I-15 at exit 2 to the new St. George Municipal Airport. The route will eventually lead all the way to the cities of Washington and Hurricane.