Constitution Day celebration, weekend of Sept 16-17

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Event 1: Sept 16-17
Exactly what does the Constitution for the United States say? What does it guarantee? Learn the answers as historian and researcher Stephen Pratt leads St. George in a ‘Know Your Liberty’ seminar on National Constitution weekend, Sept 16th and 17th.

Pratt worked for many years for the National Center for Constitutional Studies and is well versed on our Constitution. All patriots are welcome to the free seminar events that begin Friday, Sept 16th at 7:00 pm at the Lexington Hotel, 850 S. Bluff.

The first workshop will cover the original intent of the founding fathers as they set up the nature and character of our federal government.

Saturday’s workshop will begin at 10:00 am and will discuss the ‘American Republic of Republics’, state sovereignty, and the moral basis of a free society.

Bring your neighbors to these free workshops. A stronger, better educated America will thank you!

event 2 –
National Constitution Day is Sept. 17th. It commemorates the signing of the Constitution of the United States 224 years ago on Sept. 17, 1789. Families are invited to a free musical celebration of the birthday of America at 7 pm at the Lexington Hotel, 850 S. Bluff.

The evening will include a dynamic presentation by historian Stephen Pratt covering the basic beliefs of the signers of our founding documents. Stephen Pratt is best known as a researcher for the best selling book, “The 5000 Year Leap”. He worked many years for the National Center for Constitutional Studies as an educator and researcher. He was a teaching companion of W. Cleon Skousen during the inspiring nationwide workshops, “Making of America”.

The DSC choir will open Saturday’s program at 7:00 with stirring patriotic music. Local vocalist David Dalley will accompany his solo, ‘No Man Is An Island’ with visuals of American scenes. Everyone will enjoy a community sing-along of America’s favorite patriotic songs, old and new.

Copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence will be distributed free by Pratt. He is also offering signed copies of ‘The 5000 Year Leap’ to youth who would like to participate in the program with a brief oration, essay, musical number, or art display on ‘Our American Heritage’. Call 673-2663 for information in advance.

I can provide a photo and additional info if you wish, Ada Cox